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Origins of Piteå

Now that the trip is done, I must say that Piteå is indeed the hidden or not-yet-discovered jewel of Sweden. Everyone should have this experience that we did, go to the destination itself and have a local share the stories when moving through the different points of interests. Let me take you back in time. …

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Within our grasp, Piteå

Almost there! Just a couple of hundred kilometers between us and the destination. What do you mean ” what is the destination”? Oh, in case I forgot to reveal it, we are headed to Piteå! As a group of less than 20 students we are just a few hours away of embarking on the trip …

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Young man with many names

I express my unending gratitude towards you, who have showed interest in checking this page! My name is Jakke, but as the title says, I go by many names. There is a reason behind it of course, for people tend to give nicknames based on the activities we do together for some reason. That being …

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