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Connect with your inner nature in Piteå

Hello! Here I go again, writing a blogpost in a bus on my way to Rovaniemi, #lifeofatourismstudent indeed! It’s been a while since we visited Piteå and every once in a while I go through the experiences we had there. Piteå was somehow very special, cozy and warm place – every time I think of …

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Piteå explorers

Hi y’all! Today is the day we have all been waiting for as our hard work preparing ourselves to the trip to exploring destination Piteå pays off. I am writing this blogpost in the train to catch up with the rest of our group in Tervola, Lapland. This is the true life of a tourism …

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Who’s that girl?

Well, she is not that much of a girl anymore but a 26 years young woman with huge curiousity towards life. My name is Jenni and I was born in Finland, Northern Ostrobothnian village called Tupos. I am a small village girl and spent first 20 years of my life learning all the skills needed to spread …

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