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Piteå – Your future destination

Hi all! New post after a while, yay!! It has been a week since I had a trip to Piteå, and unexpectedly, Piteå was far more from what I imagined (of course in a positive way 🙂 ). It was a quite enjoyable journey, and also a tired one since we went on a city tour …

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Where’s Piteå?

Hi all! It’s me again with a new post, yay! So here is the story: This term I have a project called International Destination Development. Sounds cool right? and the target destination is Piteå (first time I have ever heard about this city). Basically, I totally had no idea what that is, but no worry, …

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From Lam

Hi all! Hmm… how should I start this blog? …Anyway, first thing, my name is Lam and you can also call me Julie, but either way, any name is fine for me (some even call me as Sloth…) About my status, I’m 21 years old and currently studying my 4th year at Lapland University of …

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