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Yooo Interested in food?

What’s up travelers!! Welcome back to Linh’s another post. I’m going to tell you my amazing experience in the part of Swedish Lapland – Piteå. If you are looking for where to eat, you are at the right post. 😉  Let me tell you one small story I have experienced on my first day in …

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Linh’s coming to Piteå

We are going to Sweden! Yay! More specifically… We are going to Piteå – a beautiful part of Swedish Lapland! Have you ever heard of it? It is located in the Arctic part of Sweden. The first idea should come through your mind immediately when you see the word “Arctic” right? It is cold. It …

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What’s Up Friends!

Hello, here’s a Vietnamese girl speaking. My name is Linh and I’m 22 years old. Nice to meet you all! Usually I don’t talk much about myself so I won’t tell you guys anything. I am just gonna type it. 😉 I was born in a beautiful coastal province – Ninh Thuan and grew up …

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