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App N Network

Hello everyone! It’s Nid again. How are you doing? Our Fam-trip to Piteå is done. It was an eye-opening experience for me in Sweden. We visited different places in the area to get to know them better. We have met many passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are on the same boat to develop Piteå as …

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Where is Piteå?

Hello again! how are you doing? Wow, it has been a while (around twenty-four hours already). I just finished packing stuff for the 2-night FAM trip to Piteå tomorrow afternoon. I am quite exciting, because at least we will go somewhere else a bit further than Kemi.  😊 About Piteå, the first thing actually appeared …

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I am Nid

Heya! Again, I am Nid. I am one of the sons of my parents, a brother of my 5 siblings, a boyfriend of someone, a soon-to-be bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, currently I am the Marketing Manager of a new startup Wikkelä Oy. The most important thing is I am myself, not anyone else. …

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