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Piteå: The potential of integration – Networking and Cooperation

Hello! It’s Min the Stranger again! My FAM trip to Piteå was unexpectedly amazing. I was not much like a student with a 13-hour FAM trip: walking leisurely in the warm and cosy feeling the city provided, being surrounded by the splendid nature and enjoying my hours with new people. I have had a great time, …

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Before arriving to Piteå and Where to go?

Hallå! I have tried to learn some Swedish phrases before arriving to The Riviera of Northern Sweden – Piteå. It is only a few hours left before I can actually meet the real Piteå, not through any media source: A peculiar municipality located at the shore of the Bay of Bothnia. You can think it …

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Want to know me?

  Guess not. But you will start to feel curious a little bit: “Who am I to ask that question?”. Okay, so don’t just read my post’s preview. Let’s click and see how much I am willing to befriend with you. It doesn’t matter: nationality, gender or skin colors. Let’s get to know me so …

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