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Hey! It’s me, Tiia. This post will discuss about Piteå before visiting the destination; what were the preconceptions, was there any expectations and how was the overall feeling before arriving to this hidden Gem of Sweden as some would state afterwards. Before our FAM-trip to Piteå, we did some research on the destination and created …

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Brief history of Piteå

Well, it has been awhile… Hey everyone! Some time has passed since our return from the FAM-trip in Piteå, what a journey it truly was. Such amazing stories, people, buildings, businesses, heritage and most of all; dedication in developing Piteå as a destination. This blog post however, will discuss shortly about Piteå’s past and some …

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There is only one

”The amount of energy in her is amazing” ”With her it is impossible not to laugh” ”She represents well the stereotype of a Savonian person – very laid back and  sometimes confusing” ”Trustworthiness is her best quality” ”Hmm…An innovative idealist” ”Everyone’s friend and definitely determined when she puts her mind into something” – My friends …

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