The hidden gem of Scandinavia

It’s been a long time I have not seen you guys because of traveling. Do you want to know where Joan visited and what did she do there? Read this!

Why hidden gem of Scandinavia? Where is that place?

The answer is Piteå – which is perfectly fit for the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Piteå is not famously known in Lapland area, when its main competitors are Rovaniemi, Tromso and Luleå. In the Eastern parts of Swedish lapland, along the 300 kilometers coastline beside the largest brackish water archipelago in the world, you will find the glistening coastal gem, Piteå. Piteå is attractive both summer and winter for who love adventure, heritage, and culture.

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Ice Climbing in Piteå

Hello and Namaste, it’s me Kumar and welcome to my blog again. Hope everyone is doing well. Great to have you back here. Last time I talk about destination in Swedish Lapland- Piteå. And last week we had our trip and it was amazing. I will love to share my experience with you guys. Please have patience and follow me.

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Piteå! Where on earth?

Hello and Namaste, it’s me Kumar and welcome to my blog again. Hope everyone is doing well. This time I am going to talk about destination called Piteå. Did you ever have heard about Piteå? Let’s start with how I found about this destination.

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Pitea and Havsbad resort: boost marketing

Hello friends, I’m here again! And welcome to my post again.

The trip to Pitea was very successful. I must say it is the hidden Arctic Gem which is a place of contrasts, nature, peace, archipelago, rivers and a beautiful countryside. The place has more to offer than I have expected from online searches. I would suggest visiting this place for recreational activities, holiday trips for 3 to 4 days, nature lovers. It has the potential to be the best place in Arctic area. It has the best accommodation luxury hotels, cabins and campsite. Among all of them, Havsbad, the northern Europe’s largest tourism and conference center offers wide range of activities for all age group for all seasons. Yes, you hear it right! It has largest conference place in affordable price.


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App N Network

Hello everyone! It’s Nid again. How are you doing?

Our Fam-trip to Piteå is done. It was an eye-opening experience for me in Sweden. We visited different places in the area to get to know them better. We have met many passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are on the same boat to develop Piteå as an international tourist destination. Check out my previous blog in case you still don’t know Where Piteå is.

A view of Piteå from Kust Hotel during my visit

As you can see from my previous blog about Piteå, it can be seen as a hidden gem in Swedish Lapland. However, staying in the shadow of Luleå and locals ‘ fairnesses  of investing in Tourism industry make it difficult to develop the area as an destination. Therefore, it is important to create a strong network to connect all the existing stakeholders together and to encourage local people to do business in the field. Continue reading

Origins of Piteå

Now that the trip is done, I must say that Piteå is indeed the hidden or not-yet-discovered jewel of Sweden. Everyone should have this experience that we did, go to the destination itself and have a local share the stories when moving through the different points of interests.

Let me take you back in time.

Thousands of years ago, when everything was still covered in ice lays the foundation of Piteå today. See, if you look at Piteå from a map you can see a pattern in the shapes of the islands and landscapes of Piteå. This is due to the fact that the ice retreated from the Gulf of Bothnia and left its mark in the ground.

Shapes of Piteå

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Piteå: The potential of integration – Networking and Cooperation

Hello! It’s Min the Stranger again!

My FAM trip to Piteå was unexpectedly amazing. I was not much like a student with a 13-hour FAM trip: walking leisurely in the warm and cosy feeling the city provided, being surrounded by the splendid nature and enjoying my hours with new people. I have had a great time, to be honest…

Not a bad view from the light house, isn’t it?

A beautiful scene: right place right time






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Journey: Kathmandu to land of snow


Hello and Namaste, my name is Kumar and welcome to my blog. This blog is basically about me. Follow me to know about me personally. Let’s start with my birth. I was born in 18 July 1995. I hope you will remember to wish me in 18 July. If you forget it will be a shame. Just Kidding!! I was born and raised in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is a small and beautiful country located between India and China. If you haven’t visited Nepal, I highly recommend you go there. It’s worth your time and money. I am currently living in Rovaniemi, Finland. It’s almost been 4 years that I am here, but I still feel like I was here just few month ago. Time flies away so soon. To me Rovaniemi is my second home. I am so much love with this place, nature and people. Everything is so amazing. I cannot express in words. I also had learned so much from this place about life. But everything has its positive and negative side. I am way far away from home. I miss my home, family and friends a lot from time to time. Don’t feel sad for me. Every year I go back Nepal and spend quality time with them. Talking about my studies, I completed my high school form Nepal.

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Before arriving to Piteå and Where to go?


I have tried to learn some Swedish phrases before arriving to The Riviera of Northern Sweden – Piteå. It is only a few hours left before I can actually meet the real Piteå, not through any media source: A peculiar municipality located at the shore of the Bay of Bothnia. You can think it is impossible to be The Riviera if you heard the ice crunching against the hull of an icebreaker in the winter, instead of the sunny and shining long sand beach and a glass of cocktail! Believe me, the surprise is overhead and I am waiting for it to come.

Stroemsund Road Marina. Copyright:

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Linh’s coming to Piteå

We are going to Sweden! Yay!

Make sure you have everything you need in your suitcase

More specifically… We are going to Piteå – a beautiful part of Swedish Lapland! Have you ever heard of it? It is located in the Arctic part of Sweden. The first idea should come through your mind immediately when you see the word “Arctic” right? It is cold. It has northern lights. It has whatever winter is supposed to have.

But, what do you think of a coastal trip to the Arctic part? Doesn’t it sound interesting 😉  I have never been there, yet. As a tourism student I’m eager to explore this marine town in Northern region. According to those internet sources I have browsed beforehand, Piteå is a tourist center where provides various activities for families and friends. For example, you can definitely love camping in the cultural camping site: Västra Kajen where is full of marine atmosphere.

In winter time, Piteå has not been a popular tourist destination yet. Fortunately, it is gifted by mother nature as it is a part of Arctic region so Piteå has the famous mysterious Northern Lights with the stories behind it. Don’t you curious about it?

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