Piteå explorers

Hi y’all!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for as our hard work preparing ourselves to the trip to exploring destination Piteå pays off. I am writing this blogpost in the train to catch up with the rest of our group in Tervola, Lapland. This is the true life of a tourism student – always on the go. We have been getting to know our destination as real professional tourism students are supposed to. Piteå has given an extraordinary preview of itself only by the research we have done beforehand and I bet we are all quite excited to actually go there and experience it ourselves.

I already am familiar with Piteå as a Swedish archipelago destination with loads of activities and attractions to explore. We have been concentrating on Piteå as a coastal and blue wellbeing destination and therefore the coastal wellbeing activities have been under a close inspection. As you may remember from my introduction blogpost, I am into nature and therefore the activities done in the nature, have I found really interesting.  In Piteå it is possible and highly recommendable to try out activities such as canoeing, cycling or birdwatching – of many possibilities – as Piteå offers the most beautiful scenes for that.  Can you imagine going there on a yoga retreat, hiking or just experiencing coastal way of life? It can all be done in Piteå!

View of the Solander Trail in Piteå ( Copyright: Briitta Elfving Persson)

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Swedish riviera on my mind

Piteå Riviera

Swedish riviera at Piteå
(Picture 1: TripAdvisor 2018)

What? A riviera? A long sandy beach with a northern twist? Count me in!

As I was doing an online research about our study trip destination, Piteå, the peculiar characteristics of the environment immediately aroused my interest. Who would have known, that there is actually a riviera and a beautiful archipelago only 100 kilometres from the Arctic Circle? Sounds like my cup of tea.

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3 more hours to go! Pitea!

Image result for pitea

 Pitea, Photo: Marinas.com

Hello people out there,

Just a few more hours to go. Bag packed, mobile fully charged, positive morning mood. Lot of excitement for pitea, cant wait these few hours. We, the group of around 18 students and a teacher are heading to Pitea. Now, let me tell you guys about Pitea. I haven’t been there but I have collected some information online. okay Its time share now!

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Coastal City of Piteå, Sweden

As we depart on our experience to Piteå it would be best to discuss some prior knowledge of Piteå as well as what can be learned about the Destination as far as Products and Experiences offered there. This prior knowledge will aid in the understanding in explanations to be given once we get there. Personally, I, Danielle, do not have any experience with Sweden or the Swedish language so this will be my first experience to this country.

This is a Coastal Photo of PIteå. (Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/morning-pite%C3%A5-sweden-calmly-summer-2713878/)


The products Piteå.se offers on their websites for Visitors are about well-being and coastal region activities. They include the Kust Hotel and Spa that over looks the Archipelago. A lot of these other products revolve around the archipelago and the coast itself. These products include Northern Lights by Kayak, Ice Breaker Safari in Archipelago, and the Harbor. A cultural and historic product that if offered is the Piteå Museum Guided Tour, it takes you on a guided tour of the city center and history of the city. This would be very interesting to Tourists however, in winter I think it could be very cold to offer these kinds of tours, unless they are given in a bus or something.

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5 Things to Do Before Making Your Trip to Piteå

Shopping street in Piteä

Welcome to Piteå  (Copyright: pitea.se)

In just a few hours, we are going to load ourselves into a big bus to Piteå, a destination in Swedish Lapland. Piteå is completely new to all of us, and we are all so excited to see what this place could offer. As always, a new destination always requires some preparation. Of course we are mainly doing a lot of visiting based on our perspective of researching, but for this one, I am just gonna ease it up and do thing a bit differently. I am gonna share with you 5 things of what to do before the trip, if you ever come there:

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Within our grasp, Piteå

Almost there! Just a couple of hundred kilometers between us and the destination. What do you mean ” what is the destination”? Oh, in case I forgot to reveal it, we are headed to Piteå! As a group of less than 20 students we are just a few hours away of embarking on the trip that culminates this study unit. All the preparations and prior research has been made in order to prepare us into what is to come. There is high amount excitement in the air as the young researchers have not physically visited the destination so nobody really knows what is ahead of us!


City of Piteå

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Piteå Awaits

Hi again!

I hope you are ready with your bags packed, we will soon begin our journey towards Piteå, Sweden! It will be interesting to learn what Piteå has to offer, it’s an unknown destination for pretty much all of us. For me only the name was familiar, but at least now I know one of its top attractions is Piteå Havsbad, a seaside resort referred to as “Swedish Riviera.” Now that sounds exciting, although I’m afraid our trip is not going to be a bathing holiday.

Our goal is to get familiar with the destination, identify some of the challenges and opportunities related to their tourism development, and understand the visitor experience. To prepare ourselves for the trip, we already did a quick group analysis of Piteå as a destination and now during the trip we will hopefully find more answers and new development ideas.

Sunset in Piteå. Photo: Catarina Vikberg

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Where’s Piteå?

Hi all!

It’s me again with a new post, yay!

So here is the story: This term I have a project called International Destination Development. Sounds cool right? and the target destination is Piteå (first time I have ever heard about this city). Basically, I totally had no idea what that is, but no worry, I already have some information about Piteå now and I can’t wait to share it with you guys 😉

Piteå is a town located on the Gulf of Bothia, in the the eastern parts of Swedish Lapland. 900km north from Stockholdm and 100km south of the Arctic Circle, Piteå has an attractive archipelago, sea, rivers, forests and an amazing countryside which make the destination popular for tourism both in summer and winter.

Piteå town. Photo: Information om Sverige

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All the way to Piteå

Hello hello! It’s me again, Joan! As now when everybody is preparing for the next trip to Piteå tomorrow, I am sitting here, in front of my laptop and writing a blog post about my pre-experiences about this destination. So let’s have a look what I have found before the 3 days 2 nights trip to Sweden!

(Swedish Lapland 2018)

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This is me, Sonja

Sao Beach

Me in a ridiculously warm water in Phu Quoc, Vietnam


Hi u all!

My name is Sonja and this picture of me represents me at my happy place: at the exotic sandy beach somewhere warm and sunny. Don´t get it wrong, I love Rovaniemi too! Even though I prefer it hot, I consider my hometown Rovaniemi as a perfect place to live. There is just everything one might need for happy life and it is always easy to escape the cold and darkness.

What comes to my studies and tourism as a career, I figured it to be my passion after trying something else. I graduated as a Sports Instructor and worked as a gymnastic coach for a good while before travelling took my heart one bit at a time and didn´t let it go. My backpack has seen quite many places with me for the past 4 years; Thailand (twice), Albania, Croatia (twice), Malta and Vietnam. The more I travel, the more my curious mind desires new experiences and adventure.

Piteå will be a new adventure for me and it will be nice to share with u all!