Young man with many names

I express my unending gratitude towards you, who have showed interest in checking this page!

My name is Jakke, but as the title says, I go by many names. There is a reason behind it of course, for people tend to give nicknames based on the activities we do together for some reason. That being said, I have nothing against it since I believe there is a story to be told about this wandering husk of mine. I am 25 years old and throughout growing up I have tried out many things, from construction to military, from military to education, all the way until I discovered tourism. I must admit I still have not found my ‘true calling’ if such thing even exists, but I have a good feeling I am on the correct path. Through my life’s journey I have started to understand myself better and I know what I stand for.


Just me at one of my hobbies!

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Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I’m Bing!

Light Tunnel at Penang Butterfly Farm

If you can’t make lights glowing around you by yourself, find a place to do that for you!


That’s not how I usually greet people though 🙂

Anyway, let’s get to know each other shall we? I mean, I wouldn’t know who is reading my post, but at least you’ll now know something about me. It’s like an one-way befriending. But I don’t mind that! Any form of befriending is always awesome 😀

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A brief history of Me

Always with my brightest smile

Xin chào!

You may notice the first strange words in this blog “ Xin chào”, this is how Vietnamese people say “hello”to everyone with a smile on their face. In 1992, I was born as a happiest baby in this world, because I have my father and mother who cannot give me everything in this world but their endless love!

After 23 years living with my parents, the young girl decided to flight a long-haul flight from Vietnam in Southeast Asia to Finland in Northern Europe. Rovaniemi and Lapland University of Applied Sciences are places that support me in studying in the field of Tourism, especially Experience Design. I have captured Rovaniemi from the beautiful sunshine to the sparkling snowfall, a place for me to learn, to enjoy and to be open-mined with tons of experience. As a last year student I will enjoy to the full my remaining student life.

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Uniquely Me – Danielle

About Me

This is Me at the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village. (Photo Credit: Danielle Gadsby)

My name is Danielle Gadsby. I am currently taking 3rd and 4th year classes at Lapland University of Applied  Sciences. I hope to graduate next fall after I complete my Thesis next summer. I am a Canadian citizen who came to Rovaniemi, Finland in September of 2016 to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism.

Why Finland? I did some research on Universities that excel in Tourism Education. There was a great choice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but I wanted an adventure. I stumbled upon some courses in Finland that were taught in English. Further into my research I found out that Finland is globally recognized for having the highest education standards and learning techniques for their students. I took the chance, and got an invitation to participate in the Entrance Exam process with Lapland University of Applied Sciences. I succeeded in that and have now enjoyed my education experiences in Finland.


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Welcome to start blogging!

How to start blogging?

Let’s first discuss what you can remember from your second-year studies!

Notice that in the title, Heading 1 was used. In the following, a numbered list is used.  These both affect SEO.

  1. In the dashboard, choose Posts -> Add New Post
  2. Write a descriptive title to your post. Notice that it becomes a permalink, which you can edit if needed.
  3. Look into the Publish and Format boxes on the right. What can you do there?
  4. Use at least those tags that we have together agreed to use.
  5. Look at the toolbar below the post title. toolbar
    Click the icon on the right to access the second row.
  6. Especially learn to use numbered and bulleted lists, “Insert Read More tag”, “Insert/edit link”, Paragraph, Heading 1, Heading2 styles.
  7. Write your first blog post telling who you are and what your expectations are concerning the study unit.(Next there is “Insert Read More” tag. How does it affect the post?)

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