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Pite Havsbad: online perception vs. on set experience

When searching for information online for selecting a destination, the perceived image of the companies and attractions in question is essential. Proper digital marketing activities attract more clients, increase sales of an organization and provide a strong brand image of the company to the customer (Smolkova 2018). One of the visited companies of the study …

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Indoor Ski Hill

Hello Readers, Piteå was a great destination we traveled to. It was a hidden gem that offers a lot of summer experiences that are marketed and tourists love to travel to. They also have winter experiences to offer to their tourists you just have to do some research on the area. They have a ski …

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Welcome to start blogging!

Reflections on Virikkolampi

How to start blogging? Let’s first discuss what you can remember from your second-year studies! Notice that in the title, Heading 1 was used. In the following, a numbered list is used.  These both affect SEO. In the dashboard, choose Posts -> Add New Post Write a descriptive title to your post. Notice that it becomes …

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