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Piteå – Your future destination

Hi all! New post after a while, yay!! It has been a week since I had a trip to Piteå, and unexpectedly, Piteå was far more from what I imagined (of course in a positive way 🙂 ). It was a quite enjoyable journey, and also a tired one since we went on a city tour …

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Where’s Piteå?

Hi all! It’s me again with a new post, yay! So here is the story: This term I have a project called International Destination Development. Sounds cool right? and the target destination is Piteå (first time I have ever heard about this city). Basically, I totally had no idea what that is, but no worry, …

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Sending love from Joan! ❤️

Warm welcome to the first blog post of Joan! Joan, Joanne, Lan. You can call me whichever you like. So nice to meet you! Wonder why I’m here? Yes I had been flying like a bird from Asia to Europe. I was born and grew up in a beautiful and modern city – Saigon, Vietnam. …

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