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Science Slam

Cafe Koti Rovaniemi

Kyläilemässä / Visiting / Rantala, O., Salmela, T., Valtonen, A & Höckert, E. Outi Rantala reading the story 'Visiting' (Photo: Marko Junttila)


University of Lapland Rovaniemi

Monilajinen yhteiselo / Höckert, E. & Salmela, T.

Conference presentation at EGOS 2019

Conference presentation at EGOS 2019 (European Group for Organizational Studies) Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations, Edinburgh, UK. Subtheme 16:Discursive and Material Struggles over the Natural Environment. Engaging with More-than-human Ethnography to Envision Tourism Futures: A Feminist New Materialist Approach. Salmela, T., Valtonen, A., Höckert, E. & Rantala, O. (accepted)