ILA Calendar


9. September 2019

A public project launch / presentation at Pyhä-Luosto visitor center Naava

(in Finnish)

4-6. July 2019

Conference presentation at EGOS 2019(European Group for Organizational Studies) Enlightening the Future: The Challenge for Organizations, Edinburgh, UK. Subtheme 16: Discursive and Material Struggles over the Natural Environment.

Engaging with More-than-human Ethnography to Envision Tourism Futures: A Feminist New Materialist Approach. Salmela, T., Valtonen, A., Höckert, E. & Rantala, O. (accepted)


24-28. June 2019

Conference Presentation at 8th CTS conference, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Que(e)rying Tourism Hope, 24-28 June 2019, Ibiza, Spain.

Toward Hospitable Methodologies in Tourism / Höckert, E. & Grimwood, B. (accepted)


13.-14. June 2019

Conference presentation at THE 3RD PEACE­FUL CO­EX­IST­ENCE COL­LOQUIUM: After the anthropocene: time and mobility, Helsinki, Finland.

Envisioning proximity Tourism: A New Materialist Reading / Rantala, O., Höckert, E., Salmela, T., Valtonen, A. (accepted)

From presentation: Rantala, O., Höckert, E., Salmela, T., Valtonen, A. (2019) Envisioning proximity Tourism: A New Materialist Reading. Image from ”This is Finland” by AIno Havukainen and Sami Toivonen.

2.-10. May 2019

Intra-living in Keropirtti, Pyhä, Finland

14. April 2019

Lecture, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Monilajinen yhteiselo / Höckert, E. & Salmela, T.





9. December 2018

Science Slam, Café Koti, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Kyläilemässä / Visiting / Rantala, O., Salmela, T., Valtonen, A & Höckert, E.

Outi Rantala reading the story ’Visiting’ (Photo: Marko Junttila)

22–23, November 2018

Conference presentationa at YHYS Colloquium, Rovaniemi, Finland.

On Scientific Fabulation / Höckert, E.

The Trouble with Mosquitoes? / Valtonen, A., Rantala, O. & Salmela, T.