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"Fully accessible, open world without barriers for all walks of life. No matter what disadvantage, disablement or obstacle you come across. We are with you – every step at the way".

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Sleek & Beautiful


A world without barriers.

Sleek & Beautiful


A world for generations to come.

Sleek & Beautiful


A world of endless discoveries.


Holistic approach

Sleek & Beautiful

Product Design

We redesign new and functional aids, gadgets and everyday products. We focus on user - product interaction.

Sleek & Beautiful


We renew services to be more accessible to all walks of life. We focus on inclusion and accessability.

Sleek & Beautiful

Living spaces

We reinvent everyday living environments and offer new solutions to be applied in everyday life as a new normal.

Sleek & Beautiful


Our aim is to redesign our living ecosystems to be open for all: inclusive - accessible - barrier free.

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  A nice example on how good design would help accessibility  at TED talks.

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Holistic Design

Holistic design is an approach which aim to include all aspects of the ecosystem of the product used in the problem solving process. Because the approach is highly context based, and is concentrated on a bigger picture, it pays respect also to aesthetics, sustainability – and even spirituality. Compared to UD & DfA, Holistic design […]

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Design for All

This post deals with the concept of DfA – Design for All. It is a similar design philosophy as universal design, but more in European context. It is also concerned more on accessibility in ICT application – main focus being on e-Inclusion and e-Accessability and enabling people with special needs to get included in the […]