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Hi, this blog will tell you about Kieringin Loma, a must-visit sight and accommodation service provider.

On my way to Kieringin Loma, I found this sign (Down below)! Unfortunately, it was the one an only sign I saw that day. :/

Anyways, Let’s go!


  • What did you learn about the company? Write a short description about the company.


I have researched and prepared Kieringin Loma via its website before my visit to the area. I definitely had this Finnish impression throughout the trip. Just like I felt from the website, sign was lacking to the place. I was not fully delivered with their message from their website, the major features, purpose of the place, attraction or value, none of them were clear initially. However, as we tour the area and were being told about the stories that this company or the area has, I somehow could justify the imperfection of their operational skills.


Firstly, I had this impression that Kieringin Loma is majorly targeting local visitors who can navigate themselves to the place without an invitation. The summer festivals, calm and warm cottages for winter season, we can find them elsewhere in Finland. However, the area where Kieringin Loma is, is way more remote than other near-by-city cottages in Finland. Also, the area is very much historical and well preserved that I believe many locals would appreciate to come there to relax with their family members.


Secondly, I was very sorry that we have been there when it was not a peak season. I think I could have got way more good first impression if I have witnessed more visitors there. So I imagined myself being there in summer and winter season. It is a perfect place to reunion a family or to have an ultimate relax without any kind of distraction.


However, in general, the attractions they own are very short-term and very personal in terms of willingness. If there are loyal customers, I believe it is the attachment and engagement with the owner family that maintains the customers.


All in all, their value, such as history and stories they have were charming but a little disappointment of strong impact and attraction was there. I believe people will dare to visit the place if they create more contents.

**You can meet these fellows in Kieringin Loma. Great experience to see the big creatures in person and interact with them.

I still am sad that I could not feed them more..

  • What were the main points you caught from the presentation?


During the bus tour and presentation, I was very impressed they are putting so much of effort to preserve the area. A Person like myself, from a big city looks for nature, historical sight that Kieringin Loma is in rich. Their very little touch to make the place more practical yet keep the old look was obviously impressive in my opinion. Also, the festivals and the environment are very much pastime-oriented and they make the most out of their place, for instance, no-limit of drinking alcohol on the field and so on.


Furthermore, the owner family is very talented and artistic that the interior of the houses and art pieces caught my attention and pleased my eyes. I had to admit that it is a very good example of having content in the place and I do not doubt that they can build it more attractive.




  • What did you learn about the marketing channels used in the company now?


Since their major target group is not millennial, they are not operating various channels in terms of marketing. But the public relation and its contribution to the community is fairly impressive and so appropriate for them. I could learn that the amount of marketing channels should meet or target the company purpose and goal.


  • What changes or improvements the company wants to make to their marketing?


I do not remember their wish on further marketing strategy. But, I personally was impressed with the preservation of the place, especially the stone sight. That gave me an idea that there is a place called Sammallahdenmäki, a bronze age burial site in southern Finland that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I do not specifically know the measurement of the two place but it looked very much similar or even alike to each others. If Kieringin Loma could apply for such title for their sight, I believe, regardless the result, it will open the door to another potential of marketing source and attraction.



  • The marketing channels used in the company now

At the moment, they run two channels where you can get sources of the place.

For more information visit


But they are advertising their place in 6 different booking websites.

Visit their sites and get further information you need. 🙂

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