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This blog shares my feedback for a presentation by Jenni Tapio from Lappset group.

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She spared her time to deliver us how Lappset group is operating its marketing.

Here it comes my answers for possible questions you might throw.


  • What did you learn about the Lappset group company?

From the presentation I have learned how modern organisation, especially the Lappset group deals with its marketing in general. As Jenni Tapio, the presenter mentioned, Lappset group has variety of marketing action including visual marketing, brochures, events, blog marketing, email marketing, paid advertisement, social media, and website. Amongst all, the visual marketing caught my intention since it includes content marketing in its root that I have researched on in prior. The Lappset group works both on B2B and B2C marketing but the B2B marketing takes bigger portion since the major buyers are corporations and public organizations.


  • What were the main points you got from the presentation?

All of the marketing actions that the Lappset group is operating are connected to each other. They aim at certain customer and product so they put effort only to the customer that they want to appeal to. Simply, the Lappset group has two methodologies of their marketing. One is to attract buyers. In this case since it is B2B, they handle and operate individual marketing for instance email, paid banner, call to action, and online exhibition. Therefore the specific architects could get to know the brand and products well and better. The other is to attract end users and to enhance corporate value from the society. In this case, Oona Tolppanen could be a good example. As Lappset group makes merchandise of outdoor activity goods, instead of having other models, they appointed a famous athlete as their ambassador who is more relevant to the products they are selling. She is an influential person and the public would have chance to see how relevant Lappset products to their idol or wannabe. From the presentation, I could see how Lappset group builds its brand with unlimited marketing activities and has specific strategy to maximize its chance to deliver their value.


  • Did you disagree in some points with the visitor?

No, all the information was helpful for me to get the idea of marketing or how an organization puts their effort on marketing. I could not disagree with a presenter from a successful company.


  • What did you learn about the marketing used in the company?

I was thoroughly impressed with its visual consistency in terms of content marketing. The website, advertising videos, products, colors, all the visual impression was very unique and recognizable.


  • Would you like to work in marketing?

Yes. Marketing is undeniably intriguing study and part in every organization. I have worked as marketing manager in South Korea and I enjoyed my contribution there so I am willing to work and learn more about marketing field in my future career.


  • What did you learn from the visitor?

It seemed for me that she understands where Lappset group is at the moment and exact target consumer. I have a working experience as a marketing manager but the company I worked for aims for B2C rather than a B2B. There were clear differences of methodologies and ways that I have not tried to initiate yet. It was a great time to learn the differences in detail and how broad the marketing could be in different industries.


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Hope you found it interesting and wish you a good day:)