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On 20th of September 2018, we had a Learning Cafe session where we could share and discuss about international marketing tools we have researched and studied.

My group was in charge of content marketing with 8 different very successful examples how a content marketing has been implemented and led to great outcome.

There were 5 teams sharing their own stories and research about different topics and they are as follows, Digital marketing, Branding, Social media marketing, and Zero moment of truth.

You may find our brainstormings about the topics. They are old school but very much practical and easy to follow up.

Have a glance and let’s move to my blog to see my feedback about the Learning Cafe. 🙂

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There are 5 questions and answers regarding Learning Café.

Before I carry on, I would like to share a link about an astonishing tales of content marketing.



Here comes my answers for questions from Learning Café



What did you learn about your home group article?

I have researched and read articles about a couple of examples how content marketing has been used by a couple of companies. Michelin and Volvo have successfully implemented their way of content marketing to penetrate consumers’ mind. Michelin Guide is something I personally enjoy to read when searching for top-notch restaurants and I believe many people enjoy the content in it. But I was thoroughly shocked that it is actually created and built by a tire manufacturing company. The company’s name is well known by food lovers even if they are not directly related to the company’s target customer. The effect of content marketing is so vital when it is relative and attractive enough to customers. I learned there is very good alternative to the expensive TV marketing or any other costly marketing methods but having innovative and familiar content that is worth way more than its expense.

*The following link is an advertisement from Volvo; One of the most popular content marketing example

What were the main points your home group came up to?

Our group had a discussion about our individual knowledge obtained from the session and shared main points that 8 examples of content marketing have in common to be a great content marketing. First, it was relevancy that we could find from majority of the content marketing. In other words, the content marketing that the 8 companies had tend to be very relevant to consumer and his or her need and want. Second, it was engagement. I can say that most of the content marketing was interactive between the provider and its target object. That was because, as I could learn from the cases, the content marketing maximizes its power on the consumers’ hand eventually. Contents that are created can only be huge when there was enough amount of engagement from viewers, audience, and consumer. Third, it was education. The contents educate consumers in a various way of the brand. I found out both direct and indirect education of brand or product from content marketing. So, content marketing shines when there are relevance, interaction, and education at its best.


Did you disagree in some points with your group members?

There was only harmony in our group. 🙂


What did you learn about the other groups’ issues?

Marketing can be divided into various forms in terms of its use, platform or even industries it is implemented and aim at. There were digital marketing, branding, social media marketing, and their methodologies might vary one from the others but they are all connected and similar to each other. For instance, social media marketing does not mean a company only needs an account in social media channels but it requires content that would be input to interact with and attract surfers which shares similar concept of content marketing.


How did you like Learning Café as a learning method?

It definitely helped me to have various perspective and studies from many students with several topics. That is why it was very informative and entertaining session. Internally, we had our group session where we shared our own thoughts about content marketing, we had 8 different examples of content marketing in practice. And in general as we visited other topics and groups I could be very interactive. All in all, I enjoyed the learning method of Learning Cafe.


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