Lappset was founded in Rovaniemi, Finland in 1970. The company’s registered office and headquarters are in Rovaniemi. The company’s Finnish has its sales office in Helsinki. The company’s official name is Lappset Group Ltd. Lappset is a family-run limited company and one of the leading suppliers in its industry. Lappset’s products and solutions support the healthiness of  people from different ages from old to young through play and physical activity. Lappset Group is made up of the parent company. Lappset has in different countries subsidiaries such as in  Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands company named Yalp, Sweden and the UK. Lappset company has its factories in three countries, wood products are manufactured in Rovaniemi, in Estonia Oü’s factory in Tallinn they produce metallic components and different range of the parts. Marjor of park and street furniture is in Lappset Sweden AB’s factory is in Enköping. Lappset Group Ltd’s network has more subsidieaies in  resellers, the resellers covers 50 different countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Canada in North America. Lappset Group has 340 employees in seven different countries. Majority of the personal work in finland and are finnish.

In here presentation  she shared the lappset groups mission and their goals and the theme, which made it simple to understand what is there marketing strategy. Which and what they want achieve in the near and far future.

Husky Safari

The Lapland Husky Safari

The Husky safari has been open for 20 years during that time it has gone through changes its name to Lapland Husky Safaries Oy. Lapland husky safari is small company that is operating near that Santa clauses village, where they operate and focuses on huskies and sled pulling teaching the guests how to operate huskies when they are pulling the sled. They are giving instructions on safety of the dogs and the guests. Their goal is give the visiters excitement of controlling their own sled.

My visit in husky safari they told they have over 312 dogs  in the husky safari which it takes about 45 minutes to feed all of them. Each dogs as their name uniquely give on their personality and the way they look, since each dog behaves differently. As well that all the adult male dogs are not in cages but they are outs side on a leash with their own space. When each prepearing dogs to go on the sleds pulling visiters the number of dogs depending on how long will the dogs travel, if was short distance of they place six dogs on sled where males are in the back since they have more strength they are the onces pulling sled and females are in front they are the once leading the sled, their mentality that female dogs are more patient and smarter  which is true.  When dogs are on longer distance they use 12 dogs with the same concept, but they do not allow children to operate sleds by themselves but they have a guide that will do them because the dogs do have a lot of power and for safety reasons. On more thing is that is for huskies -20 degrees Celsius is perfect weather for them since they are able to run for longer periods of time  more often than in the summer.

Moikka maailma!

Welcome to my Blog I am Veli-Matti Heikura, I am third year student in lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

This is my blog on some the companies that i have written for marketing tools course. these companies are Lappset and Lapland Husky safari