Course enrollments

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Enrollment for course implementations takes place in the “Enrollments” tab of your personal study plan. In this view, there are two groups on the page: “Enrollment ongoing” and “Enrollments”. You will see all the courses you have enrolled in under “Enrollments”.  The courses you could enroll for according to your study plan are under the title “Enrollment ongoing”.  You can enroll for an implementation by clicking the “Enroll” button.


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You can also enroll for studies outside the study plan through the “Search for courses” button. To search for more courses with an ongoing enrollment period, select the icon “+ Search for courses”. Write a search term in the search field and select Search. By clicking the name of the course, you can show more details related to the implementation.

Canceling your enrollment


You can also cancel your enrollment by clicking “Cancel”. You can cancel your enrollment during enrollment time unless the teacher has approved your enrollment.


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