For whom are Arctic Cores services for?

Arctic Core offers services for all modern businesses, entrepreneurs and employees who want to improve their working performance, mental health related to their work and sustainability issues in their value chain

None of your video packages meet my needs, can I get personalized consulting?

Of course. Please contact us and provide us with a detailed explanation of your needs and our mentors will develop and offer you a customized package

Are your services available for students?

Definitely. Students face similar challenges as many busy workers today. Also, when our methods are learnt and adopted, transition from studies to work life will be a lot easier.

Are your services confidential?

All our servicer are fully confidential

My company would like to have an offer for your services, where do I need to contact?

Please go to contact us page and write or call our mentors, Eero and Patrik

Can my company get long term support from Arctic Core or are your services more like one time lectures?

Whatever is needed for your company. After our lectures your employees can get passwords to our customer domain where they can watch different consulting videos or they could call us for more specific help/for booking a new lecture

Are your consults and mentors professional and friendly?

Eero and Patrik are rock hard professionals and super friendly