Arcric Warriors


When we had meeting with Arctic Warriors, I was sitting and trying to remind myself, “Where i could see him, he has such a familiar face to me”. And as a result I was right, i saw him maybe 2 years ago in Pilke museum, when we had meeting over there. He was definitely different from other owners of companies. We get used so much, that if you are owning the company, than you should be serious and wear nice suits, but if to take a look on Mr Kauppinens clothing at that time, you will never believe that this person is able to establish business. Just think, you are coming, and you see how one guy is jumping around in shamans costume 😀

Arctic Warriors is local company. They are selling products which are helping to keep your organism in healthy


All their medicines are made from natural products, which you can find only in Northern parts of Finland. They are not harming health at all, because they are made from 100% natural products.

When he was giving us a presentation, she mentioned different hints, how to establish and run the business.

First of all, start your business on your local market, it will be easier to see if there is any demand for products you are producing. Create strong portfolio. And after several years of gaining experience, you can try to operate on more markets.

Secondly, use social medias for promotion, because they are playing really big role nowadays. And with using social media channels, it will be easier to reach younger audience.

And maybe one more important thing, is to love what you are doing. You need to take care about your business in the same way, as you will do that with your children, because basically your business, is your child which you need to look after.




Ikea, or easy way to design your home

I think, that today I want to talk a bit about our sweet home. It is not a surprise that each of us has their own image in the head, how our cosy coner in this world should look like. However, not always we have enough time to run around shops, to find something nice. And in this situation, there is one nice company, which i think everyone heard about, it is Ikea.


Ikea, is the company which is not only giving you opportunity to find everything for home, but also in some way giving you advices, on how you can design it.c1fkjbrz7ry

That is the way how Ikea is promoting their products for customers, just by showing them different variants of using their products, that is visual marketing way they have chosen. More than that, in case you need to find something or you need any kinds of help, you can come to special desks with employees, which are always able to help you.

In my opinion all armosphere in Ikea store, is helping you to be concentrated on things which you are searching for.  More than that, their business idea is well presented. I don`t think that I have seen anywhere else this kind of promotion.

More thant that, if it is taking a lot of time to walk around, you can take rest in nice cafe in the center of the shop, which is serving with tasty food. The design of that is made with Ikea style and furniture and surrounded with nice pictures on the walls.



I will never believe, that it can be true

However, if to imagine that, I think I will choose traveling theme.

I think, that it is really interesting to write about different countries and different places which you are visiting. Just imagine, you are giving possibility to other people to “visit” that places with you. Or for example it can be some kind of tripadviser for same travelers as you do. Isn’t it interesting? We are always searching for places to visit, when going to other countries.

Traveling is not always about going for holidays, it is some kind of lifestyle.


Top 3 interesting topics

As for me, I have chosen three topics which were interesting for me.

  • How to Brand Your Business on a Budget: A 6-Step Guide
  • Why the Best Designers Don’t Care About Being Perfect
  • How Emotion-Detection Technology Will Change Marketing

It is not so easy to explain why I have chosen them, I was just interested in these themes. Maybe the thing was also in the way how people explained basic things in business, or the style they are writing. As for me, it is not only about nice and colorful pictures, which almost each blogger is adding in his text. For me it is very important what authors are writing about, we are not choosing the book only by how it looks like, we are choosing that, based on what we know about author and reputation, and of course on what type of book it is. Pretty same with blogs, I am choosing by information which it is giving me.

Well yeah, a bit about why I have chosen that 3 blogs. First of all, key words/sentences are highlighted to show main point. Secondly, written in a simple and understandable way. Thirdly, they are some kind of hints for development, or how to “make your life easier” from business side.

Strengths and Weaknesses of famous blog by Kim Garst

Nowadays everyone is trying to be blogger and use all well-known social medias to reach your followers. We can take a look on one popular blogger Kim Garst, who is giving pretty nice hints for your marketing and how to use social media while doing business.

However, not everything is so smooth. Just cannot happen so, that everything will be 100% perfect. Of course she has a lot of advantages, for example she collected interesting and useful information, accompanied with colorful pictures. She is writing in a simple and understandable way, which makes you to follow what she is explaining. Also important to mention, that it is simple to use her webpage, and easy to find all links to other social medias, in case you are interested in what she is doing.

But as I mentioned before, not everything is perfect, as for me, it is too bright, and it`s affecting my perception of information. More than that, all this advertisements distracting from main text.

Visit to Sircus Taika-Aika


This week I had an awesome opportunity to visit such a wonderful place, as Sircus Taika-Aika.

It is a small society, group, which is gathering people based on their interests. There are approximately 500participants of different ages.

They are trying to involve as much people as it is possible, but nothing can go as smoothly as we want that.

Sircus Taika-Aika still has many things to improve, even though they are staying on the market for a long time, and it is one of the biggest circus in Finland.


And it is very important to mention the problemswhich they need to solve, in case to get more people involved in their school.

First of all, moreadvertisement in different languages, because as we found out, everything is only in Finnish. More than that, they need to think about their marketing strategy and how to use social media wisely.

The second thing I have to mention about, is Official Santa Circus School project, which is actually a really good idea, because in my opinion, tourist won`t come to Rovaniemi just to visit the circus. But this small magic will involve them in visiting Taika-Aika.

In overall, I think that Sircus Taika-Aika has huge potential, which they need to use. They have  everything to get popular around the city and even in Lapland.