Is Your Team Ready for the Challenge?

ValleyTrax is a student-run company offering tailored story-based team building activities to local businesses.

On our site we have four Activity Zones, each one immersing you in a story based on Finnish folklore or seasonal myth. Each Activity Zone contains mental, physical and skill based challenges which can only be solved by working together as a team. Below you will find a sample of story themes currently available for you to explore, however, be sure to check-in regularly as the stories and challenges are updated regularly.


We welcome you to our site and give you a short introduction.
Large teams will be split into smaller groups.
Each group is then assigned to an Activity Zone.

The Challenge

Immerse yourself in the story and work with your group
to solve the various puzzles and challenges.


After your groups have completed their activities,
we will gather the entire team around our central fireplace.
Enjoy a hot drink and a locally sourced, seasonal
meal while exchanging your experiences.

The Stories


Maahinen are small, human-like creatures who live peacefully in their own world under the Finnish forests. Their world mirrors ours and in the past, we have got along well whenever one has visited the other. For some reason, things are different this time though; the portal between the two worlds has been opened and the Maahinen have really started to cause problems in the human world. 

We have located the portal in this forest. Find out what the Maahinen want and send them back to their own world before any serious damage is done. But you must hurry, the Maahinen are getting impatient! 


Hiisi is a name that appears in many Finnish expressions, words and place names, so there are few Finns who would not have heard of him. And for centuries, Hiisi and his elk with a hundred horns have been nothing but word-of-mouth legends. However, the locals near this forest have started reporting a record number of sightings recently…

Has Hiisi actually been here the whole time? Did someone summon him? Why now? Or is it all a big misunderstanding? Your mission is to find out whether Hiisi has truly come to our world and if so, why. 


The entire town has been turned upside down as dozens of local reindeer have gone missing seemingly without a trace. That was until three days ago when a key and a reindeer’s bell were found in this forest. The reindeer herders believe that there will be more clues in the area, but no one has been able to discover them yet.

Work together and help the locals find clues and solve the mystery before any more reindeer get stolen. They can’t be vanishing into thin air, can they?


Forests cover more than 75% of Finland’s land area and are thus very important to Finnish people. However, there are beings who think that humans have claimed these areas unfairly and do not take care of them appropriately either. And some of them have had enough.

Trolls have announced that they are done living hiding in the shadows and will take back their forests by any means necessary. They will start their attack in an hour. Can your team stop the Trolls before it is too late?