ValleyTrax is located in the virtual city of Arctic Valley.

We are a group of students who love making human connections. During our studies, we realised the importance of great teamwork and noticed the lack of specialised team building activities in the Arctic Valley region. Our shared passion for storytelling and problem solving has brought us together to offer exactly such a service to local businesses.

Below, meet our international team of passionate storytellers and problem solvers:


Magdalena Haag

I am Magdalena and I am the CEO of ValleyTrax Ltd.
Originally I am from a small town in Germany and I moved to Finland two years ago to study. In my spare time I enjoy spending time in nature, especially in the untouched wilderness of Lapland.


Nigel George

I am Nigel and I moved to Finland 15 years ago from England.
I have a background in game design which is why I am passionate about story-telling. I realised after my studies that I preferred real-life games to those played on a computer screen.


Lisa O’Brien

I am Lisa and I am originally from Ireland. I love a good mystery book and I have long dreamed of opening my own business.
My spare time I spend with my pets which include a dog and two cats.


Simon Hörmann

I am Simon and winter is my favourite season which is what brought me to Lapland.
I love entertaining and getting to know new people. Facilitating unforgettable experiences for our clients is my passion.