Learn by exchanging opinions

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them”. Pam Moore

Learning cafe is an useful tool in order to collect important information during a short period of the time especially in terms of such a course where we have to put theoretical knowledge into a practice. It helps not only brainstorm ideas but also to summaries everything in the most compact and suitable way.

Every company as well as every person is a brand. Creation of it takes time and the more time and the more efforts are used the stronger brand is. Diversity on the market is huge. It leads to realising that your particular brand has to be different to catch someone’s mind. Values, vision and mission shape a signature of the brand, hence, identification. Nonetheless, no matter how good and developed the company is it will always need to apply changes and bring innovative developments in order to stay in trend.

It has been said for many times that marketing, undeniably, is an integral and significant part of any company. Particularly Social Media marketing takes higher and higher position in company’s operation on a market. The reasons are simple: it is easier and quicker for customers. Nonetheless, benefits occur challenges. Researches says that in general a post on Social Media gives 30 seconds to cause an interest from a viewer. The company has to be insanely fast if it wants to get attention from a potential customer. Communication is a key and a chance to show people that behind every brand stands a person who can make and accept mistakes as every human and is highly standing for values it wants to deliver. Among understanding of these key moments it is also important to create a clear and creative context which is meant to be monitored by a variation of analytical tools.

When it comes to digital marketing everything becomes more comprehensive. This field unites not only Social Media marketing but also online brand monitoring, online customer research, social media influence and so on. It requires way more efforts and long-term strategies. Digital marketing brings us to the future of promotion.

Everything what the company does for its promotion leads to customer experience. Competitiveness causes a desire to be remembered and to keep customers. Hence, understanding needs and wishes of people and high quality of making those dreams come true is a key for emotional connection and satisfaction of clients. The company has to have a strong interest in building a trustworthy relationships with consumers based on being on the same line with them.

To sum everything said above up my own experience of Learning cafe proves that is a useful tool. Being able to express your opinion, to listen to others and their critics makes your being more adaptable and trains your brain to expand borders and think outside the box. Exchanging thoughts on different topics helped me to learn a lot and to look at marketing from another corner. Other participants disclosed a lot of valuable information as well as emphasised those things that I could probably even skip. We talked a lot, argued a lot and came up with mutual ideas in the end.


Husky Marketing in Iceland and Finland: what is a difference?

“The first rule of Social Media is that everything changed all the time. What will not change is the community’s desire to network”. Kami Huyse

Husky farms are one of the most desirable tourism destinations in Finland. Almost every single person is passionate to spend some time with these fluffy and adorable animals. As highly hyped business, husky farms have an increasing level of competitiveness. Before describing Lapland Husky Safaris I would like to say a word about Dogsledding Husky Farm based in Hólmasel, Iceland. That is what my second post will be about.


Husky farm in Iceland
Preparation for a testing husky ride

Nowadays the Land of Ice and Fire is a dream destination for thousands of people. Unforgettable views, significant lava fields, breathtaking waterfalls, the most powerful northern lights are just few representatives of must see in Iceland. Nonetheless, it won’t be a mistake to put a small husky farm (we were lucky to live on during our October trip) in one line with everything mentioned above. Dogsledding Husky Farm proudly head the top 10 tours in Selfoss on TripAdvisor.com. The company provides not only an experience of spending great time with dogs but also is responsible for organisation of private transfers and Golden Circle excursions. Paying attention on Social Media side it is notable that the farm has an access to many different channels. Among such well-known as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram there is also an opportunity of contacting them in WhatsApp and watching videos on vimeo.com. Colourful pictures, easy access to the website and high responding rate are one of those measures that show a great work on Social Media Marketing and in interest in its development.


Siberian Husky
Alaskan Husky

Comparing to Dogsledding Husky Farm, Lapland Husky Safaris are not aimed on getting new customers through Social Media as they are in a sector of B2B companies but are keen on showing people what a significant and important work it is to take care of a husky farm and its inhabitants. Due to increasing attractiveness of winter holidays in Finnish Lapland every single company is fully booked. Nonetheless, the company is interested in not only satisfying their clients with high quality of service but also with demonstrating that stressful tourism season, which last from December till the middle of April, does not affect on wellbeing of huskies. Hence, the main goal of Social Media promotion of Lapland Husky Safaris is to attract more followers to different channels and to show the way the company cares about dogs by giving an entrance ticket to the backstage of business. In terms of modern world it is highly important to take care of Social Media Marketing brand especially when it is about a well known company with a long story. Storytellings touch people’s hearts and that is exactly what Lapland Husky Safaris plays on by disclosing a daily routine of their dogs. Despite of this, Lapland Husky Safaris does not give up and is aimed on making changes and improvements.

However, marketing is marketing but huskies do not need any promotion as they have already proved themselves as one of the most adorable creations.

Lapland Husky Safari husky ride

Marketing in Lappset way

“Tell me the facts and I will learn. Tell me the truth and I will believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever”. An old Native American proverb

Lappset official logo

Lappset Group is a company with a great story behind it. Starting as a family business, nowadays they operate in a significant amount of countries including not only Scandinavia but worldwide. For instance, at the moment the company has subsidiaries in Finland (with the main office located in Rovaniemi), France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.

«We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing»

That is a slogan of Lappset. They are highly aimed on not only a provision of first-class design services and theme park but also on taking care about every end-user. One of the main targets is to make their customers being healthy, sportive and active taking in a consideration their whillings. Nonetheless, Lappset Groups tries to keep their operations in B2B sector by making collaborations with different companies and organisations.

The Lappset Group was established in 1970. It is obvious to take into a consideration that the company went through many changes not only concerning their services and products but also the way they looked at the company and the way it was promoted. No doubts, Lappset has made an incredible work concerning marketing. Being orientated on B2B operations does not mean to stop informing their end-users and being in touch with them during their customer journey with the Lappset Group. In nutshell, marketing in general is well-developed in the company. Lappset has accounts on many Social Media channels including not only such well-known as Youtube, Instagram or Twitter but also Pinterest, for example. They possess their own hashtag and blog as well as monitor website. A word about Lappset webpage. It is an useful tool for them as all other Social Media accounts are linked to the main page in order to collect information and figures concerning a frequent of site traffic and people’s interest in the company. Following old-fashioned marketing does not mean for the company an ignorance of trends and modern Social Media approaches. A great example is to have a collaboration with social media influencer who mentions the company in her blog from time to time. Moreover, the Lappset wants to grow organically and adapt to new trends step by step. Also markable is that the company’s aim is not only to increase brand awareness but also to make the brand being stronger.

If you are interested in getting more familiar with the company – check the website.

Lappset playground with Angry Birds collaboration