Lapinkampus Blog is a WordPress site where users associated with Lapland University Consortium and Lappia – The Municipal Education and Training Consortium of Kemi and Tornionlaakso – can create and operate individual or group blogs. Hence, the Lapinkampus terms of use and data security rules apply on this site. The blogs on this site are public. For individual blog tasks or study diaries, users are encouraged to use the internal blog tools in Lapinkampus Moodle.

Self-registration on the Lapinkampus Blog site is limited to users from schools and organisations associated with the Lapland University Consortium (LUC). Users from other organisations can request registration from the eLearning Services of Lapland University of Applied Sciences (eoppimispalvelut at lapinamk.fi).

The eLearning Services administer this blog for the benefit of the users. As part and parcel of the upkeep of the blog, inactive and empty test blog sites will be removed on a regular basis without notification. The same goes without saying for spam blogs.


Tuki: eoppimispalvelut@luc.fi
Lapinkampus Blogin pikaopas( Short blog manual)

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