Kieringin Loma

Kieringin Loma is one of the local Lappish companies that are specialized in tourism business and located in middle of Lapland in Finland. This business is based on the hotel business, the

food industry and other business services such as activities and retails.  Moreover, it owns both domestic and international guests from all over the world and based on growing demand on that, this company is about to grow as fast as possible and to improve their services. In addition, everything, including inside beautiful paintings and unique decorations or even animal samples, are created only by family members who specialize in art and hunting.

It is quite easy to find information about the company and its services by searching for the company name: Kieringin Loma on either Google or other social media such as Facebook or

This company wants to improve in many fields in the future by changing product forms. It works into more sustainable and eco-friendly with renewable energy and enhances cooperation with Asian partners such as China and Japan.


We had a guest during our lecture. It was the representative of Lappset Group Company. This woman told us quite full information about this company.

Lappset’s official name is Lappset Group Ltd. Lappset is a family-run limited company, headquartered in Rovaniemi, Finland. Lappset’s management is made up of a Board of Directors and a Management Group.

The LAPPSET Company makes the modern equipment for playgrounds and establishes already ready children’s game complexes around the world.

I learned from short presentation, that the company productively improves and sends its products to different parts of the world. They are responsible for quality of product, for safety of kids during playing process. In addition, the marketing situation in the company has been established. For example, due to the interpenetrating relationship with other countries, the company delivers its products around the world. (As I wrote above)

They do all this through productive marketing tools. Most likely there are defects, that is, the negative and positive aspects, but the company’s customers do not notice this, as well as ordinary visitors to their site. They actively promote their official website, they turn to face their consumer (to be human), and that is, the client knows the creators of the company, executives and many others. On the company’s website you can find the Management team and their full roster. In particular, the company is actively blogging on the site and also on the pages of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A strong and close relationship with their customers helps to establish contact with them and in a good, friendly way to offer their products.

Honestly speaking, the atmosphere of childhood on the site does not let go, and the colorful interface helps to immerse in a pleasant design and interested in products. In particular, the company analyzes attendance and makes certain conclusions. also Data Warehouse System provides information for website and Sales 

I wouldn’t want to work in a marketing holding. I don’t see my clear interest in tracking the clientele, how interesting them their products. I consider, marketing is partly a prediction of the psychological “beginning” in the consumer. To create a demand for the product you need to interest the client, that is, to make a certain psychological maneuver that helps to manipulate the “consciousness” of the client.

I liked that the company is loyal and very friendly agitates consumer to buy products. For example, you can find a guide to the use of their products, work out or post about the importance of child safety on their blog. Their clients are  architects, landscape architects, real estate companies, kindergartens  and concerned parents, which is primarily important: a safe pastime and the interest of children in the playgrounds. Therefore, in accessible language they convey it to mothers, fathers and Directors of children’s institutions that their products need to be bought.

The Learning Cafe

There was the Learning café on 20th of September, where we worked in a group. Every group had their own theme. My small group had a Social Media Marketing theme.

  1. We separated the article from the site into several parts and analyzed it.
  2. After the analysis, each of us wrote the reaction paper.
  3. Most of our efforts were devoted to the study and analysis of how to interest potential consumers with the help of networks and mobile applications.
  4. After a short discussion in the group, we came to the conclusion that an integral part of the business site attendance is its analysis (for example Google analysis).

In particular, the presence of an informative context is important in several social networks. If you make not only the application mobile, but also to obtain information from several sources, it will help to capture the attention of the consumer. I almost forgot about hashtags and graphic infoboxes. Pictures, charts and quick links to find information: always perceived better.

The advantage of SMM is that the promotion covers only interested users, advertising is used hidden and not annoying.

Due to the rapid development of social networks it is no longer necessary to consider them solely as a means of communication, now with the right approach they will become a powerful tool for the development of your business.

A company that keeps up with the times and uses social networks and SMM is more open to its customers. Causes produce more confidence.

As for we Learning café was a good opportunity for affordable rest and productive work in the presence of coffee and cake. In my opinion, it is a good decision for introduction of new methods of discussion of the problem and construction of clear conclusions based on the conclusions of all group members.