The biggest industries in Arctic Valley are travelling and heavy industries. Napatehdas produces metal products and Napakelkka that produces snowmobiles are two of the biggest companies that are located in Arctic Valley. Arctic Valley is also known as the extraordinary home town of Santa Claus.



Population 103 500

Population density 24,8 /km²

Area total 4 747 km²

Municipal tax (%) 20,5

Connections Airport Railway station Ajos Harbor



Central Hospital, Police Station, Rescue station, Libary, Schools, Culture services, social services, Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Arctic Valley has all the services you need, including hundreds of companies in many growing industries. Arctic Valley is a town of opportunities for entrepreneurs.



Arctic Valleys location is exceptional and its build on the side of road E4. Arctic Valley also haves a Railway station, Airport and harbor which makes the town easily available for suppliers and tourists from all over the world.



Arctic Valley – Oulu 207 km

Arctic Valley – Oivalla 490 km

Arctic Valley – Kykylaakso 680 km

Arctic Valley – Helsinki 832 km

Arctic Valley – Turku 827 km

Arctic Valley – Nuorgam 495 km


Tourism and travelling

Arctic Valley and its four seasons interest tourists from all over the world. In the winter time the northern lights and snow delight especially foreign tourists. In the spring travelers are amazed by the snow and the sun and may see the ice melting from Ruskajoki that crosses Arctic Valley. In the summer tourists enjoy the wonders of the midnight sun and in the Fall they are mesmerized by the changing colors of the trees and the arctic landscape.

Santa Claus is one of the main attractions for the tourists and brings in tens of thousands tourist every winter. Especially Christmas time is busy in Arctic Valley. Entrepreneurs in Arctic Valley work hard to bring in more tourists in the summer time and to keep and develop Arctic Valleys reputations as one of the most popular travelling destinations of Finnish Lapland.