Keskuskatu 14

95100 Napalaakso

Business ID: 1745864-0


Nopsakuljetus was founded in 1995 and nowadays the company offers transport services in Finland and throughout the Nordic Countries. Nopsakuljetus has its headquarters located in Arctic Valley.

Most of the equipment are trucks and articulated vehicles. Our staff is trained to do ADR-transportation and our vehicles qualify for EU statutes concerning transportation of hazardous material.


Nopsakuljetus provides separate transportation services and customized services for companies of all sizes.

If your company needs weekly transportation services, we recommend that you do a transportation contract with us. Otherwise you can ask for separate transportations when needed.

Transportation contract options


Pickup Mon-Fri before 4 pm. Delivered on the next workday. 190 € /kk. (Pickup is not available on midweek holidays.)


Pickup Mon, Wed and Fri before 4 pm. Delivered on the next workday. 160 € /kk. (Pickup is not available on midweek holidays.)


Pickup every Friday before 4 pm. Delivered on the next work day. 120 €/kk. (Pickup is not available on midweek holidays.)


Täytä alla oleva kuljetushakemus huolellisesti. Lähetämme sopimuksen ilmoittamaanne sähköpostiosoitteeseen.