i came school in morning at 8.15  everywhere is too dark and i feel myself like one wampire because i sleep and wake up everytime is dark and even more there is no snow still it is really too bad for me i came here for how rovaniemi seems in winter but i  have real  lapland winter experience yet .



I have visited Kıerınkı village and now I am goıng tell you this experince and share the ı know that I  learned from this visit

.first when we arrived there we saw them like that so nice and so polite with smile face



and tell this company little bit

Kierinki  company founded on Lapland region far a way to Rovaniemi about 120 km and 90 km to Rovaniemi Airport  Kieringin company is winter vocation place in North of the finland. This company location is so nice and it is on the mıddle of the lapland

.it was so nice and interesting  travell

When I go kierinki village ı couldn’t wait to see such beautiful place when I arrived  there and visited  this village  with supervisor I  been in sürprise because  I saw little reception and pretty restaurant  and nice meeting  owner of kierinki

The one point I got from presentations for get more customers and for dont lose the loyal customers  offer them what they want, what they wait on your company and what they need   you should be more big and give new thing to customers for take customers and keep the ex-customers doing together both it is good thing   I notıced  this thing on during presentations   so I saw this happen in this visit during they are going to be davelop

The another thing  I got from presentation them locations is in middle of  the North thats way they are lucky    about Northern lights   you can see clear thats from this locations, dont forget fresh air   and  also  this company  has big area and hotels, apartments, restaurants  they offer good service good  behavior  and lovely staff face thats is absolutely more important if you work service industry you should be look happy every time to customers you should leave your own problem outside the work they were happy all during meeting time

The another important thing I got presentation they work most on winter time and they offer them customers o lot of organisation birthday party, celebrate and ech…

They have plan for next winter exhibition , more art , and course  for davelop this company  they are going to make  plan

Also the and  of the july they have activity that offer the customer

Thats all thing Show the us they are really goıng to work hard and keep the job serious

.And also they have some socıal media channels

This company is using facebook , mail , and they have web page facebook is more for advertising   every one can see some pıcture get some imformations from them facebook

Mail account is for contact the them customers they are keep contact with them

Always they have new organisation new ıdea ( celebrate, wedding,parties)

And last important thing they have wep page it is usefull for customers they can use and send contract form thats way they will doing answer who send message









They have new ıdeas for  get more  costumers celebrates parties wedding

This company is just not stay on theory they are going performance have some plan course and exhibitions in next year

AND THEY OFFER  THE CUSTOMERS NEW HOTEL BUILDING and with 8 apartment they are doıng expand capacity


What did you learn about your home group article?

I learned  how socıal medıa marketing be useful for customers and company and what is the good way to make a difference style  on socıal medıa because alltime we need put somethıng dıfferent for focus the customer and we can contact easy way to wıth our customers and put some hashtag begın our post for when customer goıng search what they need and lookıng for somethıng  they care.  It makes  easy search and alot of way to use  for example (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Infographic, Google Analytics, Hashtag, Tin Eye)  thats all about create new market place they can find every imformations about us that they need.

What were the main points your home group came up to?

To daveloping word everything is going to technolgy, technology is grow up on marketing area so every work shops should use but it is for at the momment for future we say work shops must use every technology facilities what we can use for our business.



Did you disagree in some points with your group members?

I agree  with our grup members about everyting that we put on paper.


What did you learn about the other groups’ issues?

I have visit other  group I learned somethıng from them  how they goıng to work wıth their own topic and what is the issues.

When they get imformatıons from the them customer all tıme they not get rigt imformatıons  from them customers because ıt is not  clear  imformatıons they can not be sure about customers  answer .

And  another important  point  how much customer gıve the answer to our form to what they tell us or they just do ıt and pass ıt ıs not ımportant thing for them and   how much they care about our  analytic knowledge.


How did you like Learning Café as a learning method?

I like the thats way for learn because we done ourself our topic and we had visit other group to another group it makes a good and quıck learn because other group members told me how they working and so I learned a lot of thıng from other group.


What did you learn about the Lappset group company?

LAPPET group work global and they are in the 50 countries Europe, Middle-East, Russia, Asia, Australia and Canada, lappet group  going grow up  so they want to costumers visit them web page  they give service via mail.

What were the main points you got from the presentation?

the company care about the customer what they like and interesting  that is incredible they sent sales to people who care about them product and another way they are using newletter

Did you disagree in some points with the visitor?

I am not agree with visitor about youtube she said our customer goals not youtube I think we have to use all social  media for adapt to global marketing it is going that way they can add video on youtube chanell it will be better

What did you learn about the marketing used in the company?

lappset group use to social media and than they care more about customer who let for communication they sent message to them via mail or they are going visit them it is depend to communication

Would you like to work in marketing?

I want to work in marketing because I think this job  is ok for me  I interesting with this job it is fun

What did you learn from the visitor?

I learned this company from her because I didn’t know this company before




I  came scholl in morning by the bike about 15 minute it is too  cold to come scholl here by the bike because you can feel to  wind thats is with freezing on your face first time  i felt WINTER IS COMING  if you come here Mediterranean climate that you live it is too diffucult to make adapt to lapland region  but i know it will different exprence for me i say this thing to me dont worry be happy dogan just enjoy the moment thats you spent time here lapland it will be better than enother one option I am so Happy to be here.