Hi there!

If you are my “blood type” of a person, you find sitting on the same place in the same country utterly frustrating. Europe; Slovakia, Greece, Germany, Finland…we could have met anywhere. But it’s Lapland.


Crossing the Arctic Circle. Photo: Mari Preston

Born in the Slovak part of the former Czechoslovakia and kindly named by my parents Marianna, I’ve experienced more system changes in the last 25 years then most people see during their lifetimes. This made the Slovaks more flexible and open to change than most of the “Westerners” will ever be.  Change is difficult to digest, yet impossible to avoid; the only thing we cannot stop is the change.

Moving to Finland 8 years ago was a big step. But I needed the change of wallpapers again…so I left Pori


I’ll be following you shortly. Photo: Mari Preston

and moved to Lapland. This time, in this particular course, I hope to learn more about how to develop the places I have visited – or will visit – in such a way that they stay interesting – even for me to want to return to them. But again, since I am completing my studies in Rovaniemi in two months…and moving back to the Central Europe, this time to Germany, I get to apply my knowledge somewhere else.

If you are my “blood type” of a person, you find staying in one and the same country rather boring. We could meet anywhere indeed.