More or less 20 hours separates us form Dalarna ground. It`s gonna be the looong “matka”. Hopefully winter didn`t touch this Swedish land yet and we can prolongue our Ruska a bit more. The red horse looks cute and friendly from the first glance. From the social media analysis, plenty of tourism activities should be founded in the region: from culinary experiences to snowboarding and mine visit. I am looking forward to get familiar with Swedish higher education and meet new people and potential friends. The networking is an extremely important issue in tourism. I am looking forward for company visits in the region, to explore as much as possible during this limited upcoming week. I want to see the difference between Dalarna and Lappish tourism, at the same time to come with some valuable improvement, idea or outcome. Almost 3 year Lappish Christmas experience in Rovaniemi could be useful for the other Scandinavian destination with its own charm and specifics. Vice versus, I hope to utilize the best Swedish experience in my future tourism expertise for Rovaniemi. Hopefully our schedule will be enough tight and we will get maximum from the trip. Learning by doing – is the slogan for the upcoming trip. Hopefully it would be great experience, at least Swedish teacher Albina impressed me in a positive way, if all the people we gonna meet there has such life and work attitude, I will definitely learn and earn a lot from the study trip. Let`s the trip begin!