The exhausting journey to Borlänge started already on Sunday, only to end 24 later. I think I can speak for everyone to say that we were tired after such long travel! Bu what can you do, sometimes you need to make sacrifices to reach something greater.

After arriving to Borlänge and having a small moment to settle in and have some real food, we got straight into the business and were divided to the groups with Dalarna students, and we were given the assignment we needed to complete during our time here. At first I felt like the assignment was not exactly that bad, considering that we had done similar type of settings before as well. What I did not think of that moment we were supposed to complete the assignment in one week, rather than in couple of weeks time! However, brainstorming has been effective and there is a product shaping in our minds and presentation. Just need to pull all the rest of the strings together!

Dalarna as a region has been a delightful experience, and I really enjoyed our field day of Tuesday. The Falu Gruva, the old copper mine of Falun and UNESCO World Heritage Site, was a really exciting and authentic experience! At least for someone who is interested in history like me, I would say. It definitely was not the most comfortable experience, but it was still worth the discomfort. Would I go there again tho? Probably not, as the story of the place does not change. It was a shame we couldn’t visit the museum of the mining site though, as there might have been something more interesting still to see!

Falun mine mascot, goat Kåre.

Goat Kåre, Falun Mine’s sweet little mascot! Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen

Another site we visited on our field day was the Staberg Master Miner’s Estate. This was an experience I really enjoyed too, even though the gardens probably would have been more of an experience during summer time. This was also a place where I could see myself visiting more than once, not with the tour but otherwise. And, since there is a lot of other activities and happenings in the area of the Estate, it would definitely be a place to visit again and see what is going on there. All in all everything we saw, heard, experienced and felt was worth it all!

However, what I really like the most about Dalarna region what I have seen so far is the authenticity and the sense of belonging. Like, when we first arrived to the outskirts of the Dalarna region, you started to see these Dala Horse symbols on houses and everywhere. When we were driving around the countryside of Falun, that aspect came even clearer there. All of it just feels so real, which is literally half of the experience.

Staberg Master Miner's Estate

Staberg Master Miner’s Estate. Photo: Tuuli Pulkkinen

Tuuli, logging out now♥