To the Middle Arena

It is so exciting to be going to Dalarna. I am sure my classmates are just as chuffed. The only times I have heard of Dalarna reading about the Vikings and watching the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2015.


FIS Championships Falun 2015: Courtesy of Google Images









I never thought of going there.



Rune Stone

Rune Stone: Courtesy of Google Images

Hopefully, I get to see some rune stones during my visit.

Furthermore, I have learnt a lot more about Dalarna. It is world renown for being a tourist hot spot. It offers a variety of touristic services for visitors. In the summer, tourists can enjoy mountain biking in the cross country trails and downhills in Säfsen, Falun, Sälen, Mora, Rättvik and Idre. There is also canoeing or kayaking in lake Runn and Malingsbo-Kloten. There are also other places where visitors can spot wildlife, fish or go horsing around by taking a horse for a trail ride.

Correspondingly, in the winter, Dalarna offers just much exciting activities. Visitors can go cross-country skiing in Sälenfjällen and at Lugnet where the Swedish x-country ski team trains. Tourists can also go on long distance skating around Falun where the Ski Championships were held or in Borlänge. Other winter activities include dog sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling etc.

I look forward to seeing a gigantic Dalecarlian horse.

Dalecarlian horse

Dalecarlian horse: Courtesy of Google Images

It was a big surprise for me to know that, Dalarna is the home and origin of the Dalecarlian horse.

Finally, I hope we all have a great journey,  gain invaluable experience and lots of knowledge.