The days can be counted till we can finally explore Rovaniemi. I have now already spent almost 2 months in the capital of Finnish Lapland and I will still be amazed by this breathtaking nature, when I am riding my bike to the University tomorrow. During the last weeks I had the chance to visit some places in Norway, Sweden and Russia and I definitely gained some memories I will never forget. However, it is hard to believe that I did not see many sights in Rovaniemi yet. Of course, I know the city center and my way from Kuntotie to the MTI, but basically nothing else. All these great spots, why tourists come to Rovaniemi like reindeer farms, the Santa Claus Village, the Arctic Circle … I have not been there!! Therefore, I am really looking forward to get to know the city better where I spend 4 months of my life.

The Rovaniemi group is ready for the competition!

Yesterday we had a meeting with Elsi Malkki at Rovaniemi Development Ltd., where we got our exact task to develop a strategy for the use of the Eleanor Roosevelt house on the Arctic Circle. We discussed already some very interesting ideas in the meeting with Elsi and I am already excited to create some new ideas and am looking forward to the Instagram competition with the Dalarna Group.

I will share our thoughts and progress with you and keep you updated.

The Observation tower in Rovaniemi provides and fantastic view over the city.

Observation Tower in Rovaniemi

Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

Northern Lights in Rovaniemi