We finally arrived at our destination after 24-hour travelling.

In the first day, we met with local students. I was quite excited to meet with people from 16 different countries. We were divided into different groups, and my group members were from France, Sweden and Finland. The name of our group is “MEET”, which is formed by taking the first letter from each members’ name. Besides, we have created our group Instagram account in the first day, hoping to win for this Instagram competition.

Our amazing group photo by Tian Tang

Our amazing group
photo by Tanja Vierikko

In the second day, we finally got the chance to visit two world heritage sites, which are Falun Guva Copper Mine and Linnaeus’s Weeding House. I would say this field trip was amazing. It was my first time to see real mine. I was enjoying to listen interesting stories told be the guide. He was so humorous. I could feel that he quite enjoys working here.

Copper Mine photo by Tang Tian

Falun Gruva Copper Mine
photo by Tian Tang

It was really dark inside the mine. When we took guided tour, I was wondering how people could work in such a dark place in the past.

Inside the mine photo by Tian Tang

Inside the mine
photo by Tian Tang

But, as a tourism student, I was actually thinking how to improve tourits experience of visiting copper mine when I was having this guided tour. I was wondering if it is possible to add some games or performance during the trip. Because, then, it will be more attractive for tourists, especially for the family with children.

The second world heritage which we have visited is the master miner’s wedding house. This garden was build in sixteenth century, which was one of the biggest in the district in the seventeenth and eighteenth century.   It was kind of pity that we only came here during autumn. Because, there will be so many flowers and green trees if we come here in the spring. Yeah, may be, it is a reason to come back to visit this place again in the next spring.

Linnaeus' Wedding House photo by tian tang

Linnaeus’ Wedding House
photo by tian tang

One thing which have quite surprised me was that they rent some of the houses to the public. First of all, I thought that how this thing can be happened as the world heritage sites are supposed to be protected by professional associations. Secondly, I was wondering that how people can live here under the situation that there are a lot of tourists are visiting here all year round.  However, I have realized that people living here are all well-behaved. They can actually protect and develop this attractions together. And, my second question was answered by the woman who are responsible for the whole garden now. She said that they never met any problem in respect of being disturbed by tourists as they are all well-behaved and never step into the area which are not allowed to enter into for tourists.

Small Souvenir Shop in Linnaeus' Wedding House photo by Tian Tang

Small Souvenir Shop in Linnaeus’ Wedding House
photo by Tian Tang

The field trip was really fantastic and memorable for me. And, I was happy that I already has some ideas for the group work during Wednesday and Thursday. I will tell you more about our group work in the next blog.



Tian Tang