Hello everyone!¬†ūüôā¬†My name is Linda, I’m a tourism management student from the beautiful city of Kempten in Germany. Right now I’m living abroad for my exchange semester and today I want to start telling you about living far away from home.

My adventure started on the 5th of September in Germany, more precisely at the Airport in Frankfurt. My target was Finland¬†and a city called Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland. It was the first time I was heading north. I always wanted to explore the countries north of Germany but I never found the right time. Now I’m here since over a month, doing my exchange year at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The first month in Finland past away faster than I thought. Rovaniemi is a nice city, where you can do a lot of activities in your free time. We have a beautiful nature over here to do a lot of hiking and biking. The city is surrounded by rivers, lakes and forest which was the picture I was expecting from Finland before coming here. We are a big group of exchange students, living together at Kuntotie. The best thing so far happened on the first day of our arrival. We went up the hill to an observation tower to explore our new home. That night we saw what we have never expected that fast…Northern Lights. It was beautiful and astonishing to see what happened at the night sky over Rovaniemi. I hope we will have more of those experiences during our stay in Lapland..I’m sure we will! See you soon on my new blog!