Alrite, so it is over! 🙂

I wouldn’t say I feel extremely happy about finishing the course but quite relieved, to be honest. The challenge the commissioner set for us was truly something! I feel lucky that I happened to have such a team! A team of friendly and responsible members, it was also fun to spend time together!

Together with Judit, Linda, Lilly and Tanja we came up with an interesting mobile application that will help promoting the Roosevelt’s house. From now on, it’s the House of the Arctic History!

Besides this great application, we thought of another, more traditional, way to entertain the guests of Rovaniemi. It includes the visit to the House but is only a piece of the experience tour. The guide dressed-up in 50’s, maybe even playing the role of Eleanor will give a tour for the visitors. The core idea is to introduce travellers the history of the Arctic Circle; so, after a cognitive excursion in the Arctic Center, tourists with our “themed” guide will head to the House of the Arctic History, where they’ll be told stories and given some traditional Lappish treats. The cherry on the top of this cake is the van we’ll offer to the tourists! It will be a 50’s-styled van(or other similar kind of car). We think it will add an authentic value to the experience. Although, now, to avoid plagirism, I won’t reveal the whole concept here. 😉

All in all, I’m really greatful to you, girls, for sharing this project with me. It’s been fun to get to know new people and play a fool at the airport and Santa Claus Village. Thank you for the productive and efficient Saturday we had in Kuntotie. I know how hard it is to concentrate in the epicentre of party-life, haha 😀