My first-time ever natural adventure started today as we have visited Falu Gruva and Gamla Staberg in the heart of Sweden, a beautiful town, Falun. I am really looking forward to sharing my experience with you, my fellows.


The Oldest Mine in Sweden. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

To begin with, it took us half an hour to travel from Borlange to the oldest mine of Sweden, Falu Gruva. At the moment, the mine is not operating. In 2001, it was labelled as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historic, social and cultural significance and value to the wealth and health of Sweden. Since then, it has become a potential tourism destination.


Deep Inside Falu Gruva. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

We were equipped with specialized helmets and cloaks which had been used by miners for years before taking the underground guided tour. The mine tour was absolutely incredible. There were so many long, dark and narrow tunnels that we had to bend to get through. This situation will drive your senses to function at a high level and stimulate adrenaline through your body. For me, the feeling was both extremely exciting and nervous at the same time.


A Mysterious Dark Lobby . Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

Going with us through the whole journey was a knowledgeable friendly elderly tour guide. He told us a lot of stories regarding the mine, how miners had been working for centuries, the dangerous and harsh conditions of mining, the mysterious woman in white and the ”petrified man”, a famous miner who had died for 42 years before being discovered.


View From Above Falu Gruva. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

Before leaving the copper mine, I had a chance to make my own Dala Horse. The technique is based on traditional sculpture, handicraft and painting of Dalarna Region.


Dala Horse Handicraft. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

Another breathtaking landscape of Falun is Gamla Staberg master miner’s estate. There are timber buildings of the 17th century and a neat garden designed in baroque style. Now, the estate is open to visitors all year around.


In Front Of The Master Miner’s Garden. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

The Garden were planted with a diversity of apple trees, with the intention that Gamla Staberg will be a genetic copy of fruit. In the center of the site, the main building captures the surroundings by straight lines and axes. Another fact is that Gamla Staberg has been called ”Dalarna Versailles” as its inspiration, peace and pleasure for visitors.


Gamla Staberg Garden. Photo by Nguyen, T. 2016

In overall, I had so much delightful time and memory in Falun, Dalarna. Exploring one of the biggest copper mines in Euro, Falu Gruva and visiting the artistic garden of miners, Gamla Staberg were the most important experiences for me in Sweden. I strongly believe these two places have enough criteria to become international tourism destinations in the future if there are more marketing and product development taken into consideration by local authority as well as national government.