We will go to Dalarna Region in two days. With some excitements, I am here to write about my pre-experience about Dalarna.

Firstly of all, when I tried to search “Dalarna Sweden”  through google search engine, Wikipedia was the first result jump into my eyes. Therefore, through Wikipedia, I got to know some basic information about this region such as its location, population. But, one sentence I have remembered clearly until now, which was “Dalarna is the heart of Sweden.” The reason of being called as “heart” is that Dalarna is a region full of historical associations and possessing strong local characteristics in respect of its products, and especially of its people.

Local Woman with Traditional Costume Photo by PROBritt-Marie Sohlström

Local Woman Wearing Traditional Costume
Photo by PROBritt-Marie Sohlström

Secondly, I went to check “Welcome to Dalarna” website. The first image I have seen was the picture of Dala Horse,which is a traditional handicraft in Dalarna. Unfortunately, there is only one page in this website is in English. But, still, lists of good to know about Dalarna on the website make me look forward to visiting this destination by myself.

Dala Horse Photo by Mykl Roventine

Dala Horse
Photo by Mykl Roventine

Finally, driven from curiosity, I have searched related story about Dala Horse, which is so moving and warm. The story said that wooden horses were carved by men working in the forest s during long winter evenings and brought back to the village for the children to play with a hundred years ago. Now, Dala horse has become a treasured object and the symbol of Sweden. I also found that there is a local factory where you can see staff decorating Dala horse and buy some souvenirs as well. I really hope that I could have chance to visit this factory when I am in Dalarna next week.

By the way, this study trip would be the last study trip in our university life. I will definitely cherish the precious time that I can spend with my teacher and classmates.