After completing the survey our experts will offer you solutions through the packages below. The experts will meet with you to discuss these options and find the services that best fit your needs. All prices include VAT. You can cancel the monthly subscription any time.

Public Speaking

Price 1799,00€ per month

This package is designed to better well-being by offering a way to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help gain confidence when public speaking. Public speaking and confidence is a vital part of the business environment. This package offers a controlled and supportive environment to practice these skills.


Price 1999,00 € per month

This package is designed to offer well-being for the employees with fitness in mind. In this package, we offer fitness plans that include individual and group exercises as well as habit and nutrition management. Fitness is important because it boosts employees’ immune systems and overall physical and mental well-being minimizing sick days.

Time Management

Price 1999,00€ per month

This package is designed to offer time management skills to better the efficiency of workers. According to Zippia that conducted a study on work efficiency during an 8-hour work day employees only work efficiently at 60% of the time and for office employees the efficiency is only at 31%.

Team Building & Work Environment

Price 1899,00€ per month

This team building & work environment package offers ways to create better trust and cooperation between employees in a variety of ways. Teamwork is important in the work environment and with a good connection with coworkers stress can be removed and tasks can be completed more efficiently.


Price 2499,00€ per month

In this package, we can mix and match services from the already existing packages or customized solutions to fit your exact needs. Discovered with the help of our survey (which can be found under the survey tab on our website) or a discussion.

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