What to Expect

Bean to Brew: 3-4 minutes

Resulting brew: Chemex filters are roughly 30% thicker than the filters used by other drippers, meaning you’ll get a richer tasting cup of coffee.

Skill level required: Medium-high

There are many ways to screw up a Chemex brew leaving you with an over or under extracted brew.


The Chemex Coffee Maker is a pour-over style of coffee brewer, with a glass flask shaped like an hourglass. The neck or handle of the hourglass is then wrapped in wood with a leather tie.

The primary benefit of using a Chemex over other drippers is capacity – you can easily make 3 or 4 cups in one go, rather than 1 of 2.

Like other drippers it’s not as simple as throwing grounds in and then dousing with water; you’ll need to practice mastering the finer details regarding grind size, water temp, and coffee volume, but once you do, prepare to fall in love.​

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