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For my next assignment from International Marketing Tools, I have to read a few blog posts and answer 4 questions and write my opinion.

  1. What do you think might be the strengths and weaknesses of this famous Marketing themed blog by Kim Garst?

This famous marketing blog has a really good structure. It is divided into few categories, so it is really easy to look for something concrete while searching. The author uses there many videos connected to actual theme that can be really helpful for the readers. She is using the connections between her experiences, for example in social media, with the theory and creates the advices for people, mostly entrepreneurs. The blog is a very good example of omnichannel social media, because in every post there is a link to other social media posts, so the readers can easily move to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn. I like the blog, its structure and theme; it can be really useful for people searching for advices. I did not find any weaknesses of the blog so far.


  1. Please take a look at the blog archive here:

Which blog titles or topics are the most appealing to you, and why?

Since I am interested in marketing, I looked at the marketing topics as first. I go through them, and I found important for me the visual marketing as advertising, design, and media. From my point of view, for every company is important to know how to sell their products or services, so it is very important to make a good designed advertisement and present it in media to catch the customers. People receive much more information from visual advertisements such as images or video, so it is important to include there story and get in touch with customers.


  1. Please find and read through at least two blog posts from the same webpage

Which blog posts did you read, and what did you think about them?

The first post I read was “How to Take Good Pictures With Your Phone”. This post was interesting for both, common people and business people. The post gives you many interesting advices how to make the photos from your phone better. I like the advices because they were clever, and can help me in my personal life to make the photos more interesting and expressive. In these days, it is not so important to have good camera, but to know how to make the pictures good.


The second article was “How to ‘Un-Stock’ Your Photography: 8 Examples That’ll Change the Way You Choose Photos”. The article was about choosing the right photo for 8 types of field. The main message was to choose the real photography instead of perfectly designed pictures. Choose the photo that will touch your customers and get close to their lives and feelings. The article gives advices how to choose the spontaneous and surprising photography, not the one that everybody is expecting. I like the article because the idea was interesting and innovative.


  1. If you were invited to write a blog post for HubSpot website

What would you write about and why?

If I should write a blog post for HubSpot, I would choose storytelling and content marketing. In my opinion it is very important to bring the story to customers through the advertising and media channels. Develop the story that really catches the customer’s feelings and fit their behaviors may be challenge for many marketers. I would write advices for marketers how to get closer to customers and fit their expectations, because I think it is very important to listen to the customers and fulfill their needs.content-management

I would reccomend these blogs mostly for marketers who needs some good advices.

Learning Café


Social Media for Marketing   

To reach the target group it is important to influence the customers by advertisements. Every company needs to create an image through promotion and engagement to the customers. Through the social media, it is easy to be in touch with your customers on daily basis and to post contents straight to target group.

We arranged a journey on the internet of every customer when trying to manage a product or service. At first the customer is searching for product/service. He can use Google, Youtube, or Facebook, which are main channels to find suitable information. Customers are going to search for more similar products and choose the most suitable for their needs. After the selection, the customer wants to know the product/service better and get familiar with it, so he can visit Tripadvisor, Facebook, or Instragram to search detailed information. Next step is booking or purchasing the product/service. For this purpose is often used official web site of the organisation or mediation web sites as The last step is giving feedback and sharing the experiences with friends through social media as Facebook, Instagram, or getting straight feedback on Tripadvisor, where the service was booked.

Every country and every company has their own marketing policies. For example Twitter has limited number of symbols to use. Then in different countries there are different prohibitions in advertising products and services like cigarettes, drugs, political statements or racism.

Blog is a huge influencer in buying decisions. You can find there advices for products/services from real people who experienced it.


Other group themes

Customer experience needs to be satisfied with his expectations and needs. The most important point is to listen to customers’ needs and make the best to satisfy his needs. The more satisfied the customer is, more likely he will come back another time and also will spread a positive feedback to his friends and family.

Branding is important for every company success. The brand should consist of colours, design elements, meaning and positioning. The most important is social presence to be more visible for customers. Every brand should have own story based on topic and purpose of the company.


Digital marketing consists of analyzation, personalization, and customization. The websites and apps should be mobile friendly, and customized for each country. Multichannel marketing is connection between few channels, for example Google, Facebook, and Ads.

Zero moment of truth means, that customers are making a decisions before the shopping. They search for many products/services and then choose the most suitable item for them. To make a decision customers use social media, FAQ, newspapers of mouth to mouth feedback from other customers. For example on Amazon, you can search for very similar products of many brands and prices, then look for the feedback and at the end choose the best option.

In the content marketing the customer is on the first place. The company needs to reveal the target group and tell them the story to hide your real goals. For example Nike and Redbull have a good story to tell. Content marketing needs to be useful, and the message must be relevant and have some dream.


Social media strategy means a clever using of social media channels as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Company´s goals must define the strategy and learn from big and successful companies. The content should be updated frequently, and the best time is between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Company should make a relationship with customers, ask for a feedback to innovate the products and services, and make the best to satisfy the customer’s needs.


Learning Café as a Method

I liked learning café as a method of learning, because I read my own article and then I could talk about it with other members of my group and we came up with new aspects of this theme. I also learn some differences from their home countries about using social media for business. Then we listened to others group presentations, which was really interesting because we did not have to read so many articles but we got the main information from each theme.


Learning Café on 20th of September

Hoot Suite University. Social Media for Marketing

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