Cleanup services

Cleanup packages 40-70m2


-Every week, 4 times per month!

  • business premises’ floor vacuuming & cleansing
  • surface cleaning
  • taking out the garbage
  • hand- & toilet paper restocking
  • 4 x 0,5l hand disinfectant
  • 50 x facemask


40-49m2 315€/month alv.0%

50-59m2 380€/month alv.0%

60-69m2 450€/month alv.0%

70-79m2 472€/month alv.0%

80-89m2 495€/month alv.0%

90-100m2 518€/month alv.0%

(If your business premises is over 70m2, contact us and let’s make a great deal for you!)

Check out also this!:

Package for beginners 357,05€ alv.0%


  • toilet brush
  • dustpan & floor brush
  • cleaningmop
  • garbage bin 90L
  • hand towel holder
  • dosingpump 1 L
  • dirtcarpet
  • washing brush
  • toilet paper holder
  • dishcloth 9 pcs
  • fire alarm
  • street broom
  • pedalbucket 20L
  • paperbasket 20L


Psst…..Property maintenance & trade-in carpet services are coming soon!

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