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Thanks for coming to this page. You must want to freshen up your fits, and look like the flyest one in the room. To begin looking fresh, you first have to be fresh. Get that haircut, shave the beard off, buy some cologne. Now you have the foundation set for greatness.

Next, what you want to do is go to the store. Any store. Now that you’re at the store, go straight to the socks section. You need some fresh socks, not some stinky old beaters with holes. Imagine yourself at a house party and you need to take off your shoes. Best believe you want to be walking around in some brand new socks.

After your socks, get a pair of jeans. Start bottom up, thats what they all say. Get some jeans, blue and grey. Also, khakis. If you’re into the hipster styling, grab some green and red khakis too. Alright, just by looking at you now, I would assume you know whats good. Next up, get some shirts. Button down shirts. A light blue, a white, dark green. Also, get some plain t shirts. Any colour, they’re basic. If you live in the cold climates, get a few sweaters that look formal; that way you can wear them over your button down. Now you have the freshest outfit in town. People will be looking behind them after they walk past you in the streets.


What are those? Vans? I wouldn’t wear them. — Muhamed Laaksonen