NapaTukku is a wholesaler based in Arctic Valley that offers products to meet the need of its corporate customers in a number of fields of business. NapaTukku comprises of eight online stores:

  • Napamainos – printing products and business gifts
  • Napasecurity – security devices
  • Napasport – sport and wellness
  • Napatarvike – furniture, decor, renovation and office supplies
  • Napasiisteys – cleaning
  • Napa-IT – computes and electronics 
  • Napatekstiili – clothing, textiles, textile printing and embroidery
  • Napamatkailu – catering, vehicles and other transportation 

Apply to be a customer of NapaTukku by filling out the form on your own fields online store.  

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NapaTukku  was established in 2018. The company was awarded the  Napalaakson Yritystiedon  certificate for quality service. 

Our satisfied customers:

Lighting Data

Lightning Data on lappilainen matkapuhelinoperaattori, joka on perustettu vuonna 1998.

”Olemme rekisteröityneet Napa-IT -verkkokaupan asiakkaiksi alkuvuonna 2018. NapaTukulta olemme saaneet nopeaa ja asiantuntevaa palvelua. Voimme todeta, että NapaTukku todella kuuntelee asiakastaan.”