Translating and marketing have never been easier

It is known that translating and marketing without proper knowledge can be hard and time-consuming, but with Polargate, it’s like a walk in the park.

Don’t be vague! Let us market and translate! Don’t waste your time; let us do the work for you.

How Can We Help You?

Startup-friendly Translations and marketing


Polargate is a startup-friendly company that understands the pressure caused by an increasingly global world around us. We also know that new businesses have a need for very flexible services. We are offering our customers services tailored for all kinds of translation needs that might emerge. Additionally, we provide a wide range of marketing solutions.”

We are your voice that reaches across the world


Polargate knows and understands the secrets of languages and cultures. We ensure that your message is accurately understood wherever you want it to reach. We help you stay at the top of your game in our constantly changing world.

Our marketing services also ensure that your ideas are visualized, helping you stay relevant on social media.

Innovative Translation  and Marketing Work

 We aim to find intelligent solutions to linguistic challenges we face by combining our knowledge with new technology. We are always challenging ourselves to be better, in order to stay among the best in the field.

In our marketing services, we offer market research to identify your target audience precisely and determine how to reach them effectively every time.

Your Unique Translation and Marketing Experience:
We customize our services to fit your needs

Polargate proudly offers services tailored to our customers’ needs. Whether it’s document translation, social media content creation, website localization, marketing video production, or the creation of multilingual content, we have all the tools you need for growth!

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Arctic Valley: Our Story Began Here

Our story begins in Arctic Valley, a city that presents endless opportunities for small startups. Bustling with lively businesses wishing to grow and expand into international markets, Arctic Valley inspired us to start this journey to guide others in discovering the new possibilities that internationality offers.

The latest adventures of our employees

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A Weekend Adventure in Berlin

Our employee took part in a small conference in Berlin that was about translations. Discussions included topics such as how to best maintain context in translations, even when words and expressions need to be adapted to better fit in another culture. Overall, the conference was an exciting experience and a great opportunity to network with others!


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Exploring Japan

Our team member recently had a trip to Japan, where they focused on studying the differences between low and high-context cultures. Even though both Finland and Japan are considered high-context cultures, there are clear differences in how people communicate with each other. For example, while in Finland, you can directly ask a shop worker, ‘Where is the yeast?’ In Japanese, it would be more appropriate to express, ‘I am looking for yeast, but…’ Understanding differences like these is crucial for good and accurate translations.

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A Trip to Australia


Our employee loves animals and wanted to see the Australian wilderness firsthand. The trip was fantastic and eye-opening. The sad news of wildfires in recent years have caused a lot of damage to large areas. We at Polargate hope to do our part in protecting nature and its biodiversity.

What Do Our Customers say?

Amazing Service

I was suprised how easy it was to do business with Polargate

– Tim

Amazing Service

Great service, my startup is now international!

– Agnese

Amazing Service

Polargate helped me to easily translate all my business material! Very happy!

– Vitalico