The goal of a customer’s self-service

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As it has been a long time since I published my last blog, a lot of new things has happened, a lot of new thoughts came up to my mind. My studies in LaplandUAS are covering many customer relation aspects, as well as business analytics and development. Though, I am becoming more motivated to think of different sides of customer behavior, existing now and taking place within processes of big and branded companies.

Thus, let me talk a bit about the companies, those are aimed on giving their customers a free choise of a journey they want to experince during visiting a store. These companies work very accurately on combining particular services into one to fulfill several customer’s needs. As a good example of this case, I would preferably mention IKEA branch in this blog post. Coincidentaly, as a part of our study unit programme, we have had a trip to one of the IKEA facilities in Haaparanta, Sweden. There we had almost two hours for going through the store and exploring it from the customer’s point of view. IKEA has a great brand image, implemented in the design of all stores of it – blue and yellow colours and stict square-shaped building form. Therefore, they sustain simplicity in design all the way inside a marketplace, putting products into groups and sectors, placed in the most suitable order to catch customer’s sight on it. However, this order stays not only for attraction – the main role is to go through all needs of the customer, allowing him to pick every desired product step-by-step, basing on the things he had already added to his cart.

While having a walk in IKEA, it is just impossible to get lost, because during the path you can easily find info points, as well as customer service spots with IKEA staff and internet access. Moreover, there are directing arrows projected on the floor in the hallway, so you always know how to get to exit. The last part before it is a big storage with all the furniture found in previous parts of the store. It is a very convenient feature of IKEA, you just have to write a number of a bed or chair you liked, go with it to the finish, find a box you need and go with it to cash register. And even here we are provided with an option of self-checking and paying; on the other hand there is a worker, willing to help you dealing with all stuff you’re going to buy.

After the payment, you are free to go home, or stay for a cup of coffee, hot dog, desert, or something else, in case you are tired and humgry after your customer journey. The prices in IKEA’s bistro are way cheaper than anywhere else in Finland or Sweden, so it is a really valuable opportunity to have a short lunch after shopping, or before, in order to have good mood and energy (it can take 3 hours to go through the whole shop, believe me).


Independent analysis


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As we are getting more and more involved into the blogging, I would like to go through different people’s blogs and have a look on the performance of professional bloggers. We will try to see strong and weak points of a good blog, most valuable parts of successful blogs and sufficient characteristics. So let’s get started!

Firstly, we get along with the blog of Kim Garst, a member of Boom Social, a professional marketing firm ( Since 2012, their mission is to educate and train small entrepreneurs in order to help them developing their brands. So, Kim posts some educational blogs with tips for business starters. It is very convenient that he has all his blogs collected into specific groups, regarding social media. I should also mention that the amount of posts is quite big and it is really possible to choose an article of a high interest. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the style of a blog itself, as well as some topics seem not to be clear and cleverly picked enough. Have a look on Kim Garst’s blog and tell, which articles did you like the most:


Moving forward, we have a hubspot source of marketing ideas and there is plenty of useful posts I would like to share with you. While I was searching for a topic to read there, I faced couple of topics, that attracted my sight, as “15 of the Coolest Agency Offices We’ve Ever Seen” (the article name is constructed for youngsters), “26 Clever Ideas for Marketing Over the Holidays [Free Guide]” (holidays are coming soon, it was interesting to know about possible marketing options for it) and “Why Organizational Design is the Key to Authentic Client Branding” (this topic includes everything what we are studying in school).

Although, I have pointed out another 3 blogs: “The Free Growth Tools I Recommend For Modern Businesses to Grow & Scale” by Dharmesh Shah, “3 Core Sales Support Services Your Agency Needs To Offer” by Alexandra Swift and “Steps to Building an Amazing Student-Nurturing Workflow” by Nora Hanagan. I recommend you to read this posts, because they provide you with valuable company growth tools, customer support services and knowledge of how to build an effective workflow among your company workers.

So, after I have explored Hubspot for something interesting, the idea of writing my own blog there came into my mind. Actually, while scrolling the posts on Hubspot, I didn’t see any blogs about value and efficiency of innovations in customer relations management. Maybe, I am not observant enough, but I would like to post something about that on my own, because there is a lot of things to say.


That’s all folks, hope you like the thing I am trying to tell. This is my view on professional blogging, while my blog is willing to grow out of a newbee 😀 Best of luck for everyone!



Health and State protection with Arctic Warriors

Got bored? Feels like bad days came by recently? Yet, it’s not the time to panic – prepare for a refreshment.

On one of the International Marketing lessons we were given with a chance to listen a presentation from the CEO of Arctic Warriors. Of course, as I am living in Finland for the last 4 years, I have already familiarized myself with finnish products. Arctic Warriors conceptualize themselves with 3 Northern Defenders: “Puolustajalla” for health protection, “Energia” for better organism mood and “Taistelija” for high level of energy and potential. Based on these three characters, the company provides customers with various ecological products, used as food additionals.


So, on that lecture, Ilkka Kauppinen gave us a brief excursion through the stages of his company success. Besides of rediscovering yourself for deeper unsterstanding the company’s mission and expression of yourself through company’s lifestyle, Ilkka mentioned the importance of the 4 P’s in a business organization. Product development should include an establishment of a valuable product chain. Price level should be accurately high, providing with the biggest possible income, but not rising over “expensive” rate. Big role in product/service distribution is also played by Place chosen in the market space – a business could be domestic (sometimes it’s better to develop locally, as it’s easier to gain permanent customers), global or a hybrid of both (managed by making a network). It is also important to make sure that you have a lot of small deals before moving to a big one, because in case of a big deal there no strong guarantees that you will succeed. And Promotion of a product is essential for a company’s wellbeing.

Regarding promotion I could say that our generation reacts mostly on world web marketing, through social media and website advertising. Nowadays, digital marketing is on the first place for company to improve their marketing strategy, so better digitalize your services as soon as possible or explain the value of your products in the deep web, so you will become recognisable among internet users more.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that after the given lecture I came up with some desicions for developing myself as an entrepreneur, so HUGE THANKS to Mr. Kauppinen!

It’s the SHOWTIME!


..What is going on here? Nothing yet, but from this moment we start getting deep into analysing BUSINESS STUFF! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Of course you might know that money make sence in this world, yeah? So you might also understand how important it is to take care of all details that your business consists of. That’s why we are here today, my dear subscribers! In this post I will try to figure out, what is missing in the Circus Taika-Aika’s company plan, using SWOT analysis as a tool.

So what is the show, you might ask? It can be anything, from ancient theaters to art exhibitions, small band performances and overcrowded festivals. In my opinion, a show is something bright, colourful, energetic, something that attracrts you, encourages you to reflect on it. Exciting things, that can make an explosion of adrenaline and emotions. From my point of view, business could also be described as a show – it requires talent and passion, as well as it has a possibility to affect people’s minds and call them for reaction. In the case of Taika-Aika Circus school we definetely are able to see the talent of children training there, but the heads of this school are doubtly passionate of the idea to widespread their customer range. There is a weakness of company’s international marketing shown on their website – it doesn’t have a version for english speakers. This point needs to be solved, otherwise even in case Taika-Aika will get international awareness somehow, they will loose the interest right after people will get along with the company website. Of course, it’s also a strength that the school has everything explained for finns, it is a very big advantage for keeping finnish audience in touch with  the entreprise.

The other strength is the unity of Taika-Aika group. After visiting the school I understood, how close those people got to each other and how deep they have fallen into the thing they are doing. It was like a big family with lots of children, which behaved to their teachers as to parents. At that moment I realized – they must be doing a lot of shows toghether, travel to other cities and countries with a brilliant performance, which would be a great opportunity to attract other people to the Taika-Aika. Unfortunately, it is not yet common there, so my suggestion is to work on a special program, that will reflect Lapland’s beauty and strong finnish traditions. The Show of Snow, or something like that.

Everything else is quite ok in this company. They have permanent clients, and as they are non-profit organisation, actual number of customers is good enough to sustain Taika-Aika’s market value. But staying on the same level without further development could be a threat of losing market power: Taika-Aika is not the only circus school in Lapland region. Only in case they are willing to expand customer segment, Taika-Aika should give a clear description of services to international society. It is achievable after the website adaptation and promotion and brand expansion through a global tour with the show.

Finally, you are here! Thanks for reading this post, you are always free to comment on my thoughts, as well as to read my posts or not 😀