Northern Success

Northern Success Opy is a marketing company located in the Arctic Valley. We offer a wide selection of individually tailored products and services to our customers and customer-oriented approach is ranked highly in our values. With our help your needs, whether big or small, will be promptly and smoothly handled!

In addition to customer-oriented approach, our main goal is to engage in environmentally friendly practices, therefore, much of our work is focused on digital marketing. Otherwise, we prefer to use recycled materials in our work, and our business cards, for example, are made of fully biodegradable and compostable seed paper.

Our team has a strong and diverse background in various sales and marketing related tasks. With our help, you can be sure to make your vision a reality! Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Products and services

Social media package starting from 1200€
We create a social media strategy for your business and advertising tailored directly to your target audience. The option of maintaining your website and social media channels is available too.

Ad package starting from 900€
One ad ready to publish between different platforms and per your request, targeted ads can also be tailored to a target audience and platform of your choice

Starting package starting from 1500€
A campaign for the first two months. Includeds exterior signage for your business premises, wrapping for your car, consulting and assistance in creating your brand, logo, slogan and website. Limited time offer!

Event package starting from 1500€
A comprehensive package for showcasing your business at events such as trade shows, festivals, and markets. Includes a trade show tent, balloons with your company logo, flyers, business cards, a roll-up stand, and an advertising stand.

Other products and services

Business cards
100pcs / 90€
200pcs / 150€

Roll-up stand 199€

Advertising stand 105€

Double sided A5 100pcs / 90€

Social media ad for a platform of your choice from 499€

Market research from 749€
Includes an analysis of your company’s most effective marketing channels, as well as research on your competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

TV commercial from 2000€

Wrapping for your car(s) from 1500€

Exterior signage for your business from 1500€