In English

We are responsible and ecological cleaning company.
We sell and create products and services individually for your needs.
Our passion is to protect environment especially polar bears and North Pole.


Basic cleaning once/week
Property maintenance on weekdays between 8-16 o’clock


(including START package) 850€/month
+ Basic cleaning 2-3 times in a week
+ Windows cleaning 2 times in a year
+ Smoke detector checking


(including START and STANDARD package) 1500€/ month
+ Door opening
+ Property maintenance 24/7
+ Outside area (Snow removal, lawn cutting, raking leaves..)
+HOX! Property maintenance doesn’t include material costs
Prices don’t include vat

Products property maintenance
Smoke detector 15€
Light blub 5-15€
Sand bag 500kg 199€
Carbage 50L 199€
Recycling (bottle return)


Garbage maintenance  

130€/one time 

500€/month, emptying once a week 


Extra Services 

Carpet washing 30€/carpet 

Window cleaning 50€/hour 

Lawn cutting 50€/hour 

Grit 30€/h 

Raking leaves 40€/one time 

Flag-raising 20€/one time 

Sanitation 30€/one time 

Property maintenance 24/7 duty 100€/one time 

Smoke detector checking 20€/one time 

Extra cleaning 40€/h